Bikonit MD 1000 Electric Bike

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The MD 1000 is a beast. Packed with all the best components from the most reliable components manufacturers, equipped with a drive chain and 2 batteries working simultaneously, this e-bike could be develop by the US Army.
With a range of over 100 miles, this is the tool for the extreme adventurers, nothing less. And it shows in a lot more features, the 4.8″ fat tires, the Carbon-mixed transmission belt, the Rohloff 14 speed gear, etc…

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Carbon-Mixed Transmission Belt

This ebike is a machine. Compared to other electric bikes, the Bikonit MD1000 Electric Bike has been built like a tank. It promises reliability, performance, endurance and speed. The Gates carbon-mixed transmission belt is a great example of how the engineers and designers created this bike.

Impressive Power

All the Bikonit MD1000 unique features, coupled with the Bafang 170 mm crank and Bafang G15 1000W Ultra Mid Motor will take you in the roughest places you could imagine, and clearly where bikes were not supposed to go. This motor offers a peak output of 1500W, 160NM torque, and 500 Lbs towling.

Dual Battery Design

The dual battery design allows riders to go further than ever. It brings this bike in the record holding class and it is well-deserved.
The range will depend on conditions, riders and tow weights, and hill climb, but the Bikonit MD1000 Electric Bike will always be the best choice for the longest, roughest paths.

Impressive Torque

Tektro Hydraulic Brakes

Best Components


Model Name
Bikonit MD 1000 Electric Bike
Top Speed
28 mph
100+ Miles
Bafang G510 1000W Ultra Mid
48V 30Ah Dual Battery LG 21700 Cells
Charge Time
4-6 hours
Braking System
Tektro HD-725 4 Piston Hydraulic
Max Load
300 Lbs
Frame Material
6061 Aluminum Alloy
70.8 lbs w/out battery
Smart Technology
Bafang Color LCD
Maxxis Minion FBF, 26" x 4.8", All-terrain
70% assembled


6 reviews for Bikonit MD 1000 Electric Bike

  1. Steve

    This bike is incredible, the power and torque is unreal! Love the aggressive big tires.

  2. Harry T.

    Very impressed with this bike. Matches up to all the reviews and comments.

  3. Paul

    Can’t be more happy with my Bikonit ! The MD1000 is like a tank when it comes to getting through some tuff areas. It’s also a pretty good fit for me at MD750.

  4. Dave

    I decided to go uphill a bit. A 5.3-mile ride from 7120 feet elevation to 9280. There is no downhill on this ride until you turn around. I put the bike in first and assist level 5 and road it up non-stop. The battery dropped to 50% and the range dropped to 2 miles. It handled the snow well. Never slipped.
    One the way down – always the scarry part in snow and ice, I was amazed how well the fat tires handled it. If I had been on my mountain bike I would have had the pucker factor going so hard the ride down would not have been fun at all but with the fatties it was awesome.
    Learned hydraulic brakes are a must-have on a 75-pound bike.
    When I got home the battery was still at 50% and the range was 38 miles.

  5. Dan

    I bought a Camo color matching MD1000, it looks so handsome, I plan to ride it to work and enjoy the envy of passersby

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