Breeze II



The Breeze II electric skateboard by Skatebolt is fast and offers a long range.
Its aluminium alloy cases provide great crashworthiness and heat dissipation and its glass fiber and bamboo deck make the board sturdy and durable.

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Four Brake Settings

The Breeze II has 4 brake settings from soft to strong. You can adjust the settings directly from the remote control while you’re riding. It is also equipped with two built in tail lights which will flash when you are braking.

Strong and Sturdy

The Breeze II electric skateboard deck is made of bamboo and two layers of glass fiber. This combination makes a balance between flexibility and strength. The deck’s shape was designed to allow to more comfort and stability

No Range Anxiety

The Breeze II electric skateboard comes with four speed modes. The top speed is up to 30 Mph. With the 6000 mAp Samsung 30Q Lithium battery, it can travel for up to 15 miles in medium mmode with a full charge

Model Name
Breeze II
Top Speed
Top speed 1: 7.4 mph ; Top speed 2: 17 mph ; Top speed 3: 27 mph
100mm Hub Motor*2 ; Power: 450W*2
Capacity: 6000mAh ;Type: 36V 30Q ; Samsung Lithium battery
Max Load
264 Lbs
Frame Material
Bamboo and glass fiber
19 Lbs

All Skatebolt electric skateboards are covered with a limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty is applicable for the following components and for a period of three months:

  • Board
  • Motor
  • Remote Control
  • Battery