X-Treme Cabo Cruiser Elite Max Electric Moped

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X-Treme’s newly upgraded Cabo Cruiser Elite Max 60 Volt Electric e-moped is a wonderful fit for commuters who need to cover a fair bit of distance. The standard model is equipped with a 600W brushless rear hub motor installed at the center of the rear wheel. It’s also powered by five 60V high-power batteries (20 amps per battery). They’re the largest batteries offered by X-Treme and are built to last. On the Cabo Cruiser Elite Max, you’ll get a good 30-35 miles on a single charge.

Classified as an electric bicycle under the Federal Bicycle Law HR727, the Cabo Cruiser Elite Max comes with its optional pedals. Install them if you like or operate the bike as an electric moped or motorcycle.

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Powerful Motor

Experience a 600W DC motor that will help you overcome anything your commute throws at you. This moped can climb uphill paths and navigate speed bumps easily and efficiently. Its 16-inch wheels also provide excellent traction on even rugged roads.

Full Suspension & Brakes

The Cabo Cruiser Elite delivers excellence in both suspension and brakes. The moped’s front suspension is comprised of a fork. The rear suspension consists of coil-overs. The combination makes this moped a great option for rough terrain.

Bolder Battery Power

Four durable lead-acid batteries power this moped. They won’t overheat, and you can bring the charger with you to work or school.


Model Name
X-Treme Cabo Cruiser Elite Max Electric Moped
Top Speed
20 mph
35 miles
600W Brushless Hub
60V 20Ah
Braking System
Front Disk & Rear Drum
Max Load
300 Lbs
220.5 Lbs


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