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The Discovery by Nakto is sleek, stylish, and powerful. Its performance fat tires can conquer paved roads and off-road city paths, and its 8 amp/hour battery will definitely help you go the distance.

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The aluminum alloy frame on this model is both lightweight and sturdy. Its shorter rear chainstay makes the e-bike more responsive and much easier to maneuver than similar versions, and its JackRabbit tires from CST feature a fast-rolling tread design with ramped knobs that yield plenty of traction.


Explore city paths like never before on the Discover Electric fat-tire e-bike. Use its multi-speed assist to power you along, while its robust rear hub brushless motor works in tandem with a top-notch Shimano gear system. Its mechanical disc brakes will keep you in control under all kinds of conditions.


This e-bike comes with a user manual and toolkit for easy assembly. It also comes standard with comfy suspension, an ergonomic saddle, and an intuitive thumb throttle.

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Model Name
Nakto Discovery Electric Bike
Top Speed
20 mph
22 miles
45Nm / 350W Geared brushless
Tianneng 48V/8A, removable
Charge Time
4 hours
Braking System
Shimano, F/R mechanical disc, steel
Max Load
250 Lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum alloy
Smart Technology
LCD Display
KENDA, 20 × 4", 29psi
66.9" x 24" x 41"


7 reviews for Nakto Discovery Electric Bike

  1. This bike is fantastic. I have had this bike for about a month and so far it is better than I imagined. I had not been riding for sometime and I was struggling climbing hills since I returned to riding during COVID. This bike has given me so much more confidence. I can’t wait to get on it for my next ride. My rides are exhilarating!

  2. I have been using this bike for 3 weeks, it runs smooth and it’s very sturdy. My suggestion is this bike needs a tail light, a more cushioned seat to absorb shock also availability of a spare battery for replacement, I checked and couldn’t find one online. Overall great product. I will recommend.

  3. This is my 3rd electric bike. For the price, It is outstanding. The front suspension is heavy duty (like a motorcycle). Additionally you can slightly under inflate the tires for a smoother, more “shock resistant” ride (although slower). I like to go fast so i keep the tires firm. This thing works great in dirt and gravel. BE CAREFUL tho if you’re a novice, as hitting the brakes on loose terrain WILL put you down. It’s quick, with prompt reaction if you set it up well. Aggresive style turns heads. Now they just need to come out with some accessories (heavy duty luggage rack/passenger seat please). A+ Value and performance.

  4. I’ve never been on a ebike, this is my first time and this bike is a lot of fun. I’m 6’3 – 220lbs when I received the bike I thought it’s smaller then I was expecting, but they are right it fits me fine. I would recommend this bike. The only problem I had is the 4k camera did was not with the bike.

  5. y wife & I ordered 2 Fat Tire Discovery E-Bikes from Nakto to get outside during the “Covid-Times.” We were very satisfied w/ how fast our order was delivered and the assembly was so easy. We were impressed w/ the performance of these bikes. We are both pushing 50 yrs. old and we can’t get enough of how much fun we have and how easy these bikes are to ride. It was worth every penny and we can’t wait for the next day to take a ride! We definitely tell our co-workers and family just how much entertainment we get out of our Discovery bikes. I highly recommend and we are talking about ordering 2 of the Cruisers to have a variety of rides around our beach town.

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