Elby Urban Cruiser Electric Bike

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Introducing the ALL-NEW Urban CRUISER! Designed to be the perfect all-around bike it has innovative styling, comfort, power and versatility with nine distinct speeds, this bike is perfect for cruising through the streets or coasting over predictable terrain. When you want to go faster, pedal faster – or hit the throttle!…

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All-Around Bike

With 27.5″ Cruise contact tires and Throttle assist/override, this commuting e-bike can transform and adapt to your needs, giving you no power, or following your needs thanks to the thumb throttle. You decide, the Elby Urban Cruiser will be the perfect commuting ride to conquer hill climbs and rough roads.

Innovative Design

The stylish lines of this bike will have you turn eyes on the road. Different from the rest of the bike, the double-colored Elby bike is beautifully designed and is well representing how amazing its specs are. Beautiful inside and outside!

Custom EM Tech parts

Elby Mobility is building its own parts. This bike has a proprietary motor, battery and frame. This ensures you have a well-made bike, with components fitting the rest of the parts and a company that knows what they are doing.


Model Name
Elby Urban Cruiser Electric Bike
Top Speed
28 mph
75 Miles
250W EMtech compact hub motor
36v EMtech internal battery pack
Charge Time
3 To 5.5 Hours
Braking System
Hydraulic disc brakes
Frame Material
Custom engineered hydroformed aluminum frame
Smart Technology
1.5" Bluetooth-capable LCD control screen & Elby App
27.5" Cruise contact tires


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