Joyor F7 Electric Scooter

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You’ll love the innovative design and simplicity of the Joyor F7 electric scooter. This model prioritizes user-friendliness and comfort, delivering a safe, enjoyable and efficient ride experience you can activate with the touch of a button. The scooter comes equipped with front and rear lights, an LCD color display, and rear-wheel hydraulic shock absorption. It’s also completely foldable, making it easy to port and stow.

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Long-Range Battery with Smart Power Management

The Joyor F7 yields up to 50.2 miles of travel on just one charge, thanks to multiple 18650 high-capacity lithium batteries. It comes equipped with an LCD display that showcases the health of the battery pack and is capable of smart battery management.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame

The F7’s sleek frame is comprised of aerospace-grade aluminum, making it as lightweight as it is sturdy. The material also allows for great thermal conductivity and is corrosion-resistant. Weighing less than 43 pounds, it’s the perfect scooter to bring along with you on public transportation and even as a carry-on.

Shock-Absorption Tires for a Smooth, Seamless Ride

Big, eight-inch tires give this scooter excellent shock absorption, while anti-slip treads keep your footing sure and secure. The scooter’s 500W brushless DC motor offers stable power input, delivering a buttery-smooth riding experience.

Ultra-Bright Lights For Safety

Cruise Control Technology

Double Rear Suspension System


Model Name
Joyor F7 Electric Scooter
Top Speed
25.2 mph
43.5 miles
48V 22Ah
Max Load
265 Lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum alloy
40.8 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
8 inch Pneumatic


12 reviews for Joyor F7 Electric Scooter

  1. Austin

    this scooter is a really great scooter. it has been through a lot. mine has over 500 miles on it and is still going strong. im really impressed by it.

  2. Gerry

    A great heavy duty product. Minor issue on the folding locking system (too tight to lock)

  3. Pktol

    This is a nice scooter. Not a lot of negatives when your riding it. The menues to change the way it works are extensive and you can really feel they took time into making it. You will be surprised when you ride it.

  4. Fero

    After riding this scooter on the rough roads of the North East United States, I can tell it’s built to last. The suspension will smooth out most bumps but road cracks and trenches can be a problem. Other than that, it’s a really good scooter, and I think it’s one of if not the best scooter on the market fort its performance relative to price.

  5. Vivekanand S

    Great piece of equipment for rides around the city or for bit longer rides. It is a bit heavy so I guess getting the bag will be helpful to drag it around.

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