Gotrax GKS Pro Electric Scooter

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Have a tween at home? This is the perfect scooter for them. The GKS PRO was designed by Gotrax to fill the gap between older children and teens. Bigger kids, preteens, and teens will love this model, which features a taller frame design.

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Safe Step Technology

The GKS PRO features Gotrax’s safe step technology. The tech makes it so that the rider must have one foot placed on the back sensor and one on the front sensor for the scooter to operate at full capacity.

Enhanced Battery & Motor

The GKS PRO comes equipped with a sturdy 24V 150W electric motor.

Top Performance

Your teens and preteens will enjoy the extra boost of speed the GKS PRO affords. It locks at a fun yet safe top speed of 9 mph.


Model Name
Gotrax GKS Pro Electric Scooter
Top Speed
9 mph
5 Miles
Charge Time
4-5 Hours
Braking System
Max Load
154 Lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy
6.5" Hard Rubber

5 reviews for Gotrax GKS Pro Electric Scooter

  1. Rides smooth. The battery life per charge is amazing. I recommend this scooter for the price and quality.

  2. My daughter loves this thing and seems to be way better than anybody else has in the neighborhood. Most of the other kids had cheap ones but only lasted 60 days before they wouldn’t hold a charge. This thing rips forever

  3. We ordered two for our boys for an end of the school year gift. One of them worked and one of them didn’t. The one that works is great – quiet and fast and holds a charge for a while. The other one won’t power up at all and we had to send it back, resulting in a disappointed kid and lots of arguing over the one working scooter.

  4. Rides smooth. The battery life per charge is amazing. I recommend this scooter for the price and quality.

  5. Bought it for my daughter’s 10th birthday. When I first saw it and thought it was to big foe her. But she rides it very well. She’s able to ride it smoothly after a few mins figuring out different buttons. She now brings it everywhere.

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