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Step up your game the next time you hit the course with the Cycleboard Golf. It’s fun, safe, and loaded with useful features like a high-torque hub motor with a 4:3:1 gear ratio, an 1152W extended range battery, 10-inch pneumatic tires, and full suspension for a smoother ride. It’s built to withstand daily use and delivers great steering and stability due to its responsive hydraulic brakes, a one-hand throttle operation, and an intuitive three-wheel lean-to-steer design. Specially created for golfers, this electric scooter lets you go directly to your ball and cuts the time it takes to play a round nearly in half.

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A New Way to Play

The single-rider Golf was designed to change how you play by shortening the time it takes you to complete a single round. It’s intuitive steering and robust motor helps you get around the course and to your ball quickly and efficiently.

Power Meets Performance

The 60V 1200W geared hub motor on the Golf features a 4:1 gear reduction. It’s been custom designed to offer low speed/high torque and performs wonderfully on grassy and mixed terrain. Accelerate swiftly from zero over grass and even hills, and switch between three speed modes on the handlebar display depending on your environment.

Enjoy Every Round

Your golf game will never be the same with this turf-friendly electric scooter by CycleBoard. The Golf’s remarkable intuitive lean-to-steer system makes it easy for even a first-time rider to zip around like a pro.

Model Name
Top Speed
Up to 13 Mph
Up to 40 Miles
High torque geared hub motor with a 4.3:1 gear ratio
1152 Wh LG and Samsung Cells
Charge Time
6-7 Hours
Braking System
Hydraulic rear disc brake (180mm)
Max Load
250 Lbs
69 Lbs
Smart Technology
Backlit LCD display: Displays Battery Life, speedometer and odometer
Pneumatic All-Terrain 10" x 3" front tires / 10" x 3.5" rear tire

Cycleboard warrants that the PRODUCT, other than the grip tape/deck, tires, and the battery pack will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. The warranty for the battery pack is 6 months. The following are not covered by the warranty Damage has been caused by the modification or use outside those specified in the user manual. The serial number of the product has been altered or removed. The product has been dismantled and repaired/reassembled improperly or with aftermarket parts. Water damage is not covered under warranty. Damage or fault has been caused by other issues (excluding product design, manufacture, quality, etc). Natural wear and tear that does not affect the product function (including scratches and wear and tear on frame, grip tape, tires, etc). Damage has been caused by accidents or human errors, such as breakage caused by rusting in a very wet environment. Damage has been caused by overloading the CycleBoard. Damage has been caused by acts-of-god such as fire, flood, earthquake, freezing, etc.

5 reviews for Golf

  1. Ross C.

    I’ve owned the board for little over a month now and played a few rounds with it. The build quality is rugged, machined steal in nearly every area. No cheap plastic at all. Motor is strong and I am over 220Lb as the board does not hesitate to go up hills on the golf course. The price is very affordable compared to other golf boards, so if you’re deciding on which model to buy, this is the best board for golf based on price and performance.

  2. Lorien N.

    I bought this scooter for my husband for Christmas and as much fun as he clearly had on it, was not super tempted to borrow it for almost 6 months. I didn’t realize how easily I could get it in and out of my car with the magical use of leverage. I started using it during a mild injury that made walking painful. Now, I find it very relaxing and when its really hot out or I just don’t feel like walking, and my husband is doing something else, I do 18 in a breeze. The battery lasts for 2 to 3 rounds, though I do try to charge it between every round since I finally ran out of juice on the 14th hole a little while back.
    My husband installed the golf bag stand upside down when he first got it and we’ve never fixed it and it still works great. I decided to get my own a month or two back and they were sold out till August, but we’ll almost definitely buy another one. If no one was in front, we could play a round in a couple hours….
    Seriously fun. Runs on solar power in my world so doesn’t even make me feel guilty.
    Highly recommend it.

  3. Jon S.

    This is so much fun and super easy to ride. It is also very well built and so far I have logged about 50miles on the course with no issues. I can go 36 holes on a 7100yrd course and still have plenty of battery for maybe another 9. I am 230lbs and it hand

  4. Roy A.

    I recently purchased the Cycleboard Golf Scooter. I must say I was very impressed with it’s durability, cool design and portability. Assembly was quick and easy. You will need at least 4 Allen wrenches. After charging it, I put it to the test. I rode around in 1st gear to gain confidence in the lean to steer technology. I was pleased to be able to make very sharp turns just by leaning. Now it was time to see if it will fit in my SUV. To my surprise it fit perfectly. I folded the handle down to it’s locked position then lifted one end onto my rear bumper then easily lifted the back end and rolled it in. I recommend you set the brake and maybe place a wedge against one wheel to keep Cycleboard from rolling during braking and accelerations. Finally, it was time to take it for a trial run on the golf course. First thing I’ll say is if you are not a popular guy you will be when heads turn seeing you zoom down the fairways on Cycleboard. I had guys running up to me intrigued about my new scooter.

  5. Abel O.

    Just do it!! I love my cycle board!! Would highly recommend!! For riding around in the neighborhood, or golfing! It is a blast.

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Located in southern California, CycleBoard designs, develops and manufactures light personal electric vehicles based on their patented steering technology and 3-wheel platform.

Cycleboard’s patented linkage system (PLS) amplifies the degree of wheel turn to match the gentle lean of the rider.

CycleBoard is creating light personal electric vehicles designed and engineered to reduce the fall risk commonly associated with stand-up riding. While other micro-mobility products put heavy emphasis on smaller designs that oftentimes are less stable, Cycleboard believes their electric vehicles offer riders a greater level of control and maneuverability by combining their patented lean-to-steer system and 3-wheel platform.

Cycleboard electric vehicles are fun, functional and easy to ride.