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If you’re looking for an incredible bike at a reasonable price, consider the LF750. It features a powerful 750W motor and thick, 4-inch tires to get you up hills and over any kind of terrain. It also folds up quickly and easily into a compact unit, so you can take it with you in the car, on public transportation, or stow it away in small spaces. Whether you’re riding to work or coasting through the countryside, this e-bike was made for urban commuters and off-road adventurers.

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Convenient Step-Through Frame

The LF750 is easy to mount and ride. There’s no crossbar, which means you can “step through” the bike and start riding hassle-free.

All Terrain Fat Tires

The 4-inch fat tires on this bike were made to give you better grip and traction on the most rugged terrain. You’ll also enjoy a smoother ride thanks to the extra contact surface, even when you’re coasting over snowy trails.

Easy to Carry And Fold

To fold up your bike, just flip a switch and watch it collapse into a compact form that’s easy to stow or bring with you into buildings and on public transportation.

Patented I-PAS Technology

10W Bright LED Headlamp


The following parts are covered by Rattan’s 1-Year Warranty

  • Suspension Fork
  • HandleBar
  • Motor
  • Charger
  • Controller
  • Battery
  • Display
  • Frame
  • Switch
  • Crank
  • Expansion Brake
  • Throttle
  • Front and Middle Axle
  • Rim Hub
The warranty will NOT cover the problems caused by any of the following causes
  1. Any misuse of the product, such as using the bike for commercial/rental uses, play dangerous act, etc., riding the bike on the abnormal road conditions
  1. Any unauthorized modification to the product, such as disassemble, repair, or maintenance the bike without direction by Rattan/Yamee, or an auhtorized dealer
  1. The product has been in any accidents, such as traffic accidents
  1. The product has been in extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes 
  1. Anti-rust layer damage caused by misuse (the damage of anti-rust layer can lead to the corrosion and fracture of the parts).


7 reviews for LF750

  1. Eric P.

    Love my bike. Keep adding to it. My transportation.

  2. Cliff V.

    Alright, had time to put about 15 miles on the bikes and here are my initial thoughts. First off, I really like the bikes, so much fun. Overall, I am really happy and satisfied with the purchase and look forward to lots of fun!!

  3. Alex L.

    Love this bike I take it everywhere on my trailer.

  4. Herry B.

    Took the father out on my bikes for his birthday! I think he’s going to get one as well!

  5. Phill H.

    I got my LF 750 today! I took it out, after removing a LOT of foam. I only took it up to a max of 15 mph, because it’s been awhile since I rode a bike of any kind. During my brief ride I got stopped by three people curious about it. One guy stopped his car by my driveway and said “That’s the baddest E-bike I’ve ever seen!” Yes, they are beasts and soon I will unlock the power of the beast. It’s funny, the last motorcycle I owed was a 750 and now I have a new bike that’s a 750. The motorcycle topped out at 148 mph so they are both 750s…but lol.More fun enjoying the bike!

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Rattan has been in the Electric bicycle manufacturing industry for over 10 years. They aim at seeking the best solutions to combine the most affordable price with the best quality and riding experiences. Rattan carries three product lines – Challenger, LM and LF – which gained a great reputation among their customers all over the world.

Rattan believes the electric era is an inevitable trend, and this era is coming. Join us for a much powerful, energy-saving, and exciting riding with Rattan!

Model Name
Top Speed
28 Mph
60-80 miles with pedal-assist
750W high speed brushless motor
48V 13AH Lithium battery
Charge Time
4-5 hours
Braking System
Front 180mm and rear 160mm TEKTRO mechanical disc brake
Max Load
300 Lbs
Frame Material
20'' Alloy aluminum foldable frame
66 Lbs
4-inch fat tires