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X-Treme’s Malibu Elite Max is the perfect option for easy rides around town or along the beach. It features a 350W zero-resistance rear-hub motor, a 100% hand-welded aluminum frame, and a seven-speed Shimano Tourney gear and shifting system. Consisting of seven light lithium cells running at 36V and 10 amps, its battery pack packs a punch. And its oversized 26-inch Kenda balloon cruiser street tires make for a smooth and easy ride no matter what.

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Three Ways to Ride

Enjoy three ways to ride your Malibu Elite Max, including:

  • Pedal-only (unassisted)
  • Pedal-assist (four levels of assist to choose from)
  • Throttle-only (simulates the feel of a motorcycle)

Step-Through Frame

The Malibu Elite Max electric bike comes built with a step-through frame that makes the mounting process comfortable.

Built to Perform

The Malibu Elite Max can travel 20 miles per hour for 30+ miles on just one charge. Recharging the battery packs takes only four hours. The pack itself mounts to the bike frame just below the seat, where it’s hardly noticeable.

Convenient Commuter

Control Panel

Shimano Derailleur Shift System


Model Name
X-Treme Malibu Elite Max Electric Bike
Top Speed
20+ Mph
30+ miles
Zero Resistance Hub 350W
LiPo4 Lithium Cells 36V 10Ah
Braking System
F&R JAK Disks
Max Load
350 Lbs
Frame Material
100% Aluminum 18" Step-Through
57 Lbs
26" x 2.125" Kenda Balloon Beach
80% assembled

6 reviews for X-Treme Malibu Elite Max Electric Bike

  1. This is a good product and I only had a few negative things about it. 1. The front finder was not painted on both sides. 2. The instruction book was not easy to follow. Once I had the bike assembly it looked great and worked well.

  2. I am 48 years young, and added this ebike to my sport collection. I am not disappointed whatsoever with my decision, in fact, this is a highly recommended purchase! As another buyer has stated, the electric assist has plenty of power to get you going. Super easy assembly, and its dual suspension is great both on regular roads as well as uneven ones. I have added a bike computer to the setup to watch my own health metrics during rides. And I have had nothing but complements on its looks, plus some of the friends that have taken it for a spin are very impressed with how light it is and how powerful the motor reacts for a 24V 300W setup – Do not hesitate – If you are still shopping, and have done your research like I did – Get this ebike today!

  3. I LOVE the bike. It looks cute and it gets me up the hill to my house with no problem.

  4. I love having an electric bike for those hill than wear me out quick. I need to work on adjusting it though. If I can bring the handlebars back a bit, I think it will be more comfortable. Right now the seat to handlebar distance is too far. I find myself leaning forward, which is not a beach cruiser posture. The brakes also seem like they could be better. It takes a while to come to a complete stop compared to my last bike. Also will be replacing the front basket. Don’t like the wire build. But overall, I am pretty happy with it. Good exceleration. Good battery life. Great for riding with my dog who likes to sprint. I can finally keep up with him.

  5. I’ve only had my bike for a couple weeks, but I’m already so in love. I’m spending the entire summer without my car and only using my bike for groceries and meeting girlfriend’s out. I bought pannier bags for it to make my shopping easier. Comfy, fast, and I get way more miles out of my charge then specified.

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