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Introducing the Okai Neon 36v 250w Electric Scooter, the ultimate commuter ride, high quality and high style. Powered by a 36 volt 9.8ah lithium removable battery pack and a 250 watt brushless motor. Comes standard with large 8.5 inch tires, built-in deck suspension, foldable handlebars, color changing LED lights on handlebar post and foot deck, 1.4 inch LCD screen with multi-style meter, cruise control, front electronic and rear disk brake. Unlock the scooter with NFC key, button on scooter or phone app.

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Color Changing LED Light

The handle bar post and foot deck designs allow the rider to choose different LED colors, giving a different look to the Okai Neon scooter everytime you ride it.
The scooter is also equipped with a headlight to ride safely at night.
Enjoy the safety and style of this ultimate commuter ride.

Honeycomb Technology

The dual tire types, pneumatic at the front and solid honeycomb at the rear, will offer a compromise between reliability and comfort. You will need both on city roads, potholes… It will allow you to enjoy your commutes in this almost maintenance-free scooter.

LCD Display

The stylish design incorporates an elegant LCD Display at the top of the handlebar post. From there, control the speed modes, the cruise control, and keep an eye on your speed and your battery level.

Rear Lighting

Front Lighting

Safety Braking System


Model Name
MotoTec Okai Neon Electric Scooter
Top Speed
16 mph
Up to 25 miles (weight dependent)
36v 250w Brushless Front Hub (450w peak)
36v 9.8ah Lithium Ion
Charge Time
4-6 hours
Braking System
Electronic Front(ABS) & Rear Disk
Max Load
220 lbs
35 lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
Front Pneumatic, Rear Solid Honeycomb (8.5")


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