Ninebot e-kickscooter Zing E8



This electric scooter boasts an exterior design specifically crafted for children – its slim body and vibrant colors will be a hit with little ones. It also allows you to switch to electric mode and enjoy the feeling of “driving.”

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Front Shock Absorption

Prioritizing comfort, the ZING E8 is equipped with a 40mm front shock absorption, smoothing bumps from uneven terrain. Its high-elastic rubber tires ensure a buttery ride that’s as fun as it is safe.

Low Pedal Design

This scooter sits just 3.9 inches above the ground. It has a low center of gravity and is easy to control, making it the perfect option for children.

Foldable Design

The ZING E8’s body is just 1.3 inches thick. It weighs just 17.6 pounds, making it easy to carry. Light and portable, it’s as convenient fold up and take on the go as it is safe, reliable, and high-performing.

Model Name
Ninebot e-kickscooter Zing E8
Top Speed
8.6 mph
6.2 miles
Nominal Power: 130 W / Max Power: 200 W
Nominal Capacity / Energy 2550 mAh / 55.08 Wh
Charge Time
4 h
Braking System
Regenerative brake + hand-operated brake + foot brake
Max Load
Recommended Age: 6-12 years Required Height: 3’9”–4’9” Payload: 44-110 lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum alloy frame
17.6 lbs
Smart Device Concectivity

The Limited Warranty covers only defects of any material or workmanship of the Product and compo- nents thereof when the Product and components thereof are being used under normal and ordinary conditions.

The applicable Limited Warranty Period for the Limited Warranty commences on the date of the original purchase of the Product

1-Year Warranty

  • Frame Assembly
  • Controller & Battery Components
  • Stem
  • Front Fork Assembly
  • Inclined Tube Assembly
  • Hub Motor Assembly
  • Folding Components
  • Brake Cable
  • Collar Clamp
  • Front Wheel
  • Brake Components
  • Brake Cable Hold-down Plate
  • Power Button
  • Charge Port
  • Lower Hold Cover

180-day Warranty

  • Charger
  • Brake Lever
  • Throttle

90-day Warranty

  • Handlebar Grips
  • Ambient Light
  • Folding Hook
  • Reflector
  • Decoration Piece
  • Foot Pad
  • Front Fender
  • Rear Fender
  • Kickstand
  • Wheel

This Limited Warranty does not cover and excludes damage to your Product or any component thereof caused by:

  • Abuse, misuse, reckless, negligence, or commercial use.
  • Improper charging, storage, maintenance, or operation of the Product not in compliance with instructions or limitations as provided in the user materials
  • Use of the Product not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Use of the Product by persons with inadequate experience.
  • Accident, collision, riding at unsafe speed on paved roads, riding at unsafe speed on unpaved roads, riding over obstacles, amateur racing, professional racing, use in back country sports, fire damage, water damage, chemical damage, use of the product outside of the product’s working temperature range, high pressure water spray, earthquake, dropping, loading with excessive weights.
  • Modifications to mechanical parts, modification of electronic parts, or modifications to software embedded in the Product.
  • Service, repair, and maintenance by unauthorized providers.
  • Cosmetic damages.
  • Use of the Product with third party product, component, or accessory.
  • The normal deterioration of wear and tear parts.
  • Use of the Product with overdue wear and tear parts.

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