Segway Ninebot PRO Electric GoKart

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You’ve never experienced go-karting like this. The Ninebot Gokart Pro offers power oversteer drifting and a custom brushless motor that uses pure copper coils to reduce heat and energy loss, improving cruise capacity.

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Racecar-Inspired Design

Ninebot Gokart PRO marries aesthetics and performance. Its racecar-inspired design has won four major global design awards and has been lauded by global designers.

Four Driving Modes

The PRO features four driving modes suitable for beginners and professionals:

4.97 mph – Safety Mode
11.2 mph – Regular Mode
17.4 mph – Sports Mode
23.0 mph – Race Mode

Auto Hold System

The PRO’s automatic holding system helps prevent slippage when the vehicle is parked uphill or on a slope.


Model Name
Segway Ninebot PRO Electric GoKart
Top Speed
23 Mph
15.5 miles
Nominal Power: 500 W × 2 Max. Power: 2400 W × 2
Nominal Voltage: 55.5 V DC Max. Charging Voltage: 59.5 V DC
Charge Time
4 h
Braking System
Electronic brake + mechanical handbrake
Max Load
220 Lbs ; Height Requirement: 51.2 - 74.8 in ; Recommended Age: 14+ years old
112.9 Lbs

16 reviews for Segway Ninebot PRO Electric GoKart

  1. Robert

    My three boys loved this toy! Easy to assemble and grows with age with the youngest at the smallest settings and the next two older ones in-between with lots of space to get taller. Once the safety features are completed, the Ninebot GoCart unlocks the faster speed and away they can go, racing each other during the lockdown instead of being on the peripherals all day. Fun meter is at all time high! Great deal during Black Friday sale.

  2. Yesena

    Great toy! Set up was easy and charge is quick. Everyone has a blast driving. Love the different driving modes for different ages/ beginners

  3. JFR1019

    My son loves it. Fast enough … but not too fast. Decent battery life. Doubles as a stand alone segway. This is a really nice gift if you have the spare change To afford it. It is rather pricey. That would be my only knock.

  4. Facelys

    These really are the Tesla of go karts. Got these for my 14 year old twin boys. Didn’t realize how fast 23 MPH was. There are slower modes for smaller kids but they still need to have a good grasp of how to operate.

    My only complaint would be the tutorials kept freezing up so it took a while to complete the “training” and I wish the flag pole was a little higher with a brighter colored flag for visibility. The plastic flag started to rip after the first ride.

    The battery also seems to be pretty accurate. They ride them pretty hard for 30-40 minutes at a time and normally have about half the battery life remaining.

  5. Lienkie

    Ever hear grown men in their 40’s giggle and squeal like they’re 10 years old again? That’s what happens when you’re on this thing. It is FUN, FAST and FABULOUS!!! It’s become a war here between kids and adults on who gets to go and for how long.

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