Segway Ninebot S Kids Electric Hoverboard

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This self-balancing scooter is a fantastic option for kids that want to learn to ride. It features three easy riding modes: safety, novice, and sport. Everything about it—from its size to the materials it’s built with—was designed with little ones in mind. And its non-slip deck surface and maintenance-free solid tires keeps the ride sure and secure. What’s more, it comes equipped with Bluetooth speakers so you can cruise along to your favorite tunes.

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Real-time Riding Protection Reminder

Ride with peace of mind thanks to this scooter’s real-time intelligent voice safety feature, which lets you know when you should take it slow and when your battery is running low.

Safety first

This scooter features a total of 15 safety features including four kinds of voice reminders, four smart protection mechanisms, and three core high-standard components.

Designed for Kids

Built with a steering bar tailored for shorter riders, a foot mat that keeps footing secure, and hand and knee pads to ensure comfort, this scooter makes riding as fun as it is safe for little ones.

Kids Size & Material

Butterfly Wing Design

Maintenance-Free Tires

Segway-Ninebot App

Real-Time Riding Protection

Optimized For Children


Model Name
Segway Ninebot S Kids Electric Hoverboard
Top Speed
8.7 Mph
Approx. 8 miles
280 W x 2 Motor
Nominal Voltage: 37 V ; Max. Charging Voltage: 42 V ; Nominal Energy: 72Wh
Charge Time
Approx. 4 hours
Max Load
44-132 Lbs ; Recommended height: 3'6"-5'9" ; Recommended Age: 8+ years old
22.7 Lbs
8.5 inch, PU solid tire


8 reviews for Segway Ninebot S Kids Electric Hoverboard

  1. Kaley Ariel

    The Segway Ninebot S Kids, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter seems to be a great product so far. The electric scooter/ balance hoverboard is pretty well designed for kids and very quality.
    My 9 year old loves the snazzy LED light effects. He has been driving it both up and down hills without any problem. It has great power to drive SMOOTHLY on side walks, dirt road and even all over the grass. The self balancing mode is very stable and safe for kids. The lights are really attractive even during days.
    The battery is long lasting and has never run out while riding. I love that I can check the battery life/ usage and Bluetooth music from my phone while we are out using it.
    It has a speed limiter via the App and reach a maximum speed of 8mph.

  2. Bill

    We are fans of the Segway Ninebot as we’ve already three and the GoKart as well. They all work well and the kids adore using them. However, we only allow them to be ridden under adult supervision and in our large backyard. These are the only hover craft we’ve found that will work over uneven terrain and on grass. However, this Ninebot S for Kids has smaller wheels that will not work properly except on even ground such as the street or a driveway. It’s made to accommodate smaller children and also has a smaller motor.

  3. Omnicess

    I had NO IDEA how to use one of these when I got it, and I know it’s meant for kids as well but my kid is maybe a little too young just yet for a device like this.
    Regardless, I decided to hop on and try this out, and I’m not a light guy. This device handled me on it without any issue.
    At first I was wobbling around like a goofball, but once I realized that the LESS you try to balance, the more balanced it gets, the more I decided to just stand still and let the machine do the work.
    One big lesson of this device is DO NOT ANTICIPATE tiny bumps. There are really small bumps that if you ignore, the machine itself balances it out for you, but if you anticipate, you can actually cause issues for yourself.
    Overall, great machine. Best of it’s kind to the best of my knowledge. Great option overall.

  4. Nu

    My first thought when first seeing this brand name Segway is that it’s really expensive for just a toy, but after having used it, I understand now the cost.
    It’s perfect for my teen daughter who is within the weight limit of under 130 lb. I unfortunately am over the weight limit, so this is really meant for kids or really small adults.
    It’s pretty lightweight for transport (around 20 pounds), and my daughter has been using a scooter for the longest time anyway, and now this seems just like an upgrade. Compared to a kick scooter, this is about four times the price, so I do hope that it will last us a long time.
    The color is really cute, and the lighted wheels are always fun, and good especially at night. I do agree to have the kids wear safety gear because like skating, there’s bound to be accidents.
    The Bluetooth speaker feature is a plus but I recommend only using it at home, because it’s like listening to music while riding in the street, which is dangerous. In this sense, I’m glad the maximum speed is only 8 mph.

  5. Sparky

    I was not sure about a Segway for kids. It just seemed like a accident waiting to happen.
    I recommend all safety gear be worn …. helmet, gloves and assorted knee and elbow pad. I like that it keeps the power level low until your kids have 30 minutes of time on it. This gives them a chance to learn the basics and balance before letting them have full power.
    I turned my niece loose on it and in no time she had the hang of it and was running around on full power like a pro. Even after the 30 minute learning time safety gear was still worn. I cannot stress safety gear enough and if you are giving this as a present I would be sure to include safety gear in the gift. Make it a package deal. The last thing you want is for something to happen because no safety gear was available. If you have a dollar head wear a dollar helmet.
    So bottom line, is it was easy to assemble, feels like it is a quality build and it was fun and easy to learn to ride.
    You will be the hero at Christmas I can guarantee that.

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