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This self-balancing scooter is a fantastic option for kids that want to learn to ride. It features three easy riding modes: safety, novice, and sport. Everything about it—from its size to the materials it’s built with—was designed with little ones in mind. And its non-slip deck surface and maintenance-free solid tires keeps the ride sure and secure. What’s more, it comes equipped with Bluetooth speakers so you can cruise along to your favorite tunes.

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Real-time Riding Protection Reminder

Ride with peace of mind thanks to this scooter’s real-time intelligent voice safety feature, which lets you know when you should take it slow and when your battery is running low.

Safety first

This scooter features a total of 15 safety features including four kinds of voice reminders, four smart protection mechanisms, and three core high-standard components.

Designed for Kids

Built with a steering bar tailored for shorter riders, a foot mat that keeps footing secure, and hand and knee pads to ensure comfort, this scooter makes riding as fun as it is safe for little ones.

Model Name
Ninebot S Kids
Top Speed
8.7 Mph
Approx. 8 miles
280 W x 2 Motor
Nominal Voltage: 37 V ; Max. Charging Voltage: 42 V ; Nominal Energy: 72Wh
Charge Time
Approx. 4 hours
Max Load
44-132 Lbs ; Recommended height: 3'6"-5'9" ; Recommended Age: 8+ years old
22.7 Lbs
Smart Technology
Segway App
8.5 inch, PU solid tire

The Limited Warranty covers only defects of any material or workmanship of the Product and components thereof when the Product and components thereof are being used under normal and ordinary conditions. The applicable Limited Warranty Period for the Limited Warranty commences on the date of the original purchase of the Product

1-Year Warranty Coverage

Frame Assembly, Bluetooth module board, spring steel plate, controller & battery assembly, hub motor, shaft assembly, speaker

180-day Warranty Coverage

Battery charger, Tire

90-day Warranty Coverage

Upper shell, taillight cover, taillight components, decorative shell, buttons. Wheel light guide plate, wheel light decorative cover, bottom shell, Knee control lever & foam cushion, knee control shaft seat, foot pad, rubber stopper.

This Limited Warranty does not cover and excludes damage to your Product:

  • Caused by abuse, misuse, neglect or commercial use.
  • Caused by improper charging, storage, or operation, including, without limitation, use contrary to the users’ materials, use exceeding specified height, weight and age limits, use on stairs, walls and curbs, or any extreme sport or exhibition use
  • Caused by accident, collision, riding over obstacles, racing, fire, water submersion, high pressure water spray, freezing, earthquake, dropping, severe oxidation, or chemical solvent corrosion.
  • Caused by any repair that was unauthorized by Ninebot or Segway
  • Caused from improper packaging or mishandling during shipment to the warranty-service provider.
  • That is cosmetic, including, scratches, dents and the removal of protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time, unless such damage occurred due to a defect in materials.
  • Caused by the use of the Product with, or any modification to the Product using, any third party product, component or accessory that is not sold by Ninebot or Segway.
  • That does not arise from Ninebot’s product-design, technology, manufacturing or quality.



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Segway is the worldwide leader in personal transportation. Founded in 1999 by renowned inventor, Dean Kamen, Segway has always strived to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable products for its customers.

Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the field of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. The company’s businesses are international, selling products in more than 80 countries and regions. Ninebot’s corporate valuation has exceeded $1.5 billion USD. With world-renowned intellectual property, Segway-Ninebot aims to lead the users and the entire industry into the future.

“Odds are good that you’re familiar with the Segway. Back before it went public, it was widely touted as the best thing since sliced bread, with none other than Steve Jobs claiming it would be “as big a deal as the PC.”

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