Skatebolt S5 Mini Electric Skateboard

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Skatebolt S5 is the Refurbished (but still 95% new) mini remote control skateboard. It’s made for beginners, kids, and short-distance commuters. It’s suitable for cruising campus or the neighborhood with two speed modes.

With a non-slip deck, you can keep balance easily and control the skateboard with its wireless remote control for convenience.

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Skatebolt Product

Skatebolt has been creating and manufacturing electric skateboards since the beginning of EVs trends. They are renowned for this line of product and excell thanks to heavy investments in research and development, on the hardware and software sides. Their goal is to provide a great experience, and they succed at that. But do not forget to wear an helmet!

Refurbished & Still New

Still about 95% new, the brand has started a line of refurbished electric skateboards, offering lower prices and products in stock. The Skatebolt S5 Mini Electric Skateboards are selling fast, thanks to quality and reliability.

Fun & Commutes

Just for week-end fun trips with the crew or for your daily commute, you are the one to decide and enjoy your board. Fully charged, it offers a range of 7 miles at a max speed of 16 mph, faster than traffic for sure.


Model Name
Skatebolt S5 Mini Electric Skateboard
Top Speed
16 mph
7 miles
150W x 2
2500 mAh 18650 Power Lithium Cell
Max Load
130 Lbs
Frame Material
7-layer maple
Smart Technology
Remote control
70mm PU


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