SoverSky T7.0 Golf Chopper Electric Scooter

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This fat-tire chopper electric scooter is an all-in-one, it will offer style, power and stability. Equipped with impressive fat tires, dual suspension, and a 2000W motor, you are sure to enjoy the roughest terrains, in style and safety. With its range and top speed, it will impress all the Golf Club and will be the most convenient and design ride of your group.
Be prepared to get the attention it deserves in all your riding adventures.
SoverSky T7.0 Three wheeler scooter can be used for everything, grass, sand, snow, commutes…

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Power & Performance

The 60V 20AH high-density lithium battery pack provides 35 miles of city range or combined stop-and-go range. All the above data are tested by optimized condition.It depends on rider’s weight and terrain.The 4A fast charger only need 4-5 hours to get the battery full.

Removable Battery

Gain in convenience with a removable battery which will help you charge wherever you go. This feature is basic, but with a SoverSky Chopper Trike the size of a motorbike, this will help you to park it and charge it in different locations.

New Golf Design

This scooter has all the power and features to be your best companion in your golf club and off-road adventures as well as everyday commute, but it is its style that will catch attention wherever you decide to ride it. It will hold your material and follow you all day . The lines, the style and the colors of this Soversky Series will be noticed!


Model Name
SoverSky T7.0 Golf Chopper Electric Scooter
Top Speed
20 mph
30 miles
2000 W Brushless
60V / 20Ah Lithium-ion Removable
Charge Time
4-6 Hours
Braking System
Max Load
440 Lbs
Frame Material
Seamless steel pipe
220 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
215/40-8 vacuum Tubeless
70% Assembly



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