Soversky Titan 20 Electric Bike

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The soversky Titan 20 Electric Bike is one of the only electric bike from the Chopper Scooter company, and it shows, with a very particular design, you are sure to be the only one riding in this EV and nothng can compare.
Equipped with a strong motor, and the adapted battery, coupled with a relatively light frame, it ensures power, strong acceleration, top speed and long range.

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The uniqueness of this electric bike comes mostly from its design, a mix of the Chopper Scooter, the identity of the brand Soversky, with the Café Racer bikes, offering low seats, leather, and embedded design in the metal frame.
Coupled with the geometry of a mountain bike, this is a first.

Power & Performance

The Soversky company, known for the Chopper Scooter mainly, has equipped this bike with a very strong motor, 750W, most e-bikes offer between 350W and 500W. It goes with a strong battery, capable of generating the energy for such an engine. Samsung 48V and 14Ah, 18650 3500mAh Cell 13S5P Lithium-ion will perfectly match the motor and offer incredible top speeds and long range.

Quality Features

The quality of a bike comes from its parts as well. Here the braking systems comes from Tektro, the Gearing and shift from Shimano, the tires from Kenda, nothing has been forgotten. It is what makes a great bike.


Model Name
Soversky Titan 20 Electric Bike
Top Speed
31 mph
750w rear hub
48V 14Ah Samsung
Charge Time
4-5 hours
Braking System
Max Load
330 Lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy
91 Lbs
Smart Technology
48V TFT Display
KENDA K1188 20“*4.0



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