Splach Swift Electric Scooter

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This is the perfect companion for any commute. It wins major points for style, with its compact, streamlined look. In addition to great design, this scooter is foldable, portable, high-performing, and affordable. Its 36V 250W rear-drive motor lets you reach top speeds of 18.6 mph while its battery gives you a range of 18 miles on a single charge. Bring this beauty everywhere and you’ll score plenty of compliments.

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Safe Night Rides

This scooter features a high-brightness front light that illuminates the path ahead of you and a broad-beam rear light that keeps you visible to others, even at night. Chill LED ambient lights on either side of the scooter also improve visibility no matter when you’re riding.

Foldable and compact

This scooter folds down in just three easy steps, allowing you to store it or bring it with you effortlessly. And at just 34 pounds, it’s a great lightweight companion for riders who need to bring it onto public transportation or carry it up flights of stairs.

Braking System

This electric scooter’s dual brakes activate with a single touch. Just press a button to engage the front drum brake and rear E-ABS electronic brake. It’s that simple.

Intelligent Dashboard

Big Capacity Battery

Tire Technology

Rear Light

Front Light

Ambient Light


Model Name
Splach Swift Electric Scooter
Top Speed
18.6 mph
18 Miles
450W Rear Hub
36V 10AH
Charge Time
4 Hours
Braking System
Front drum brake and rear E-ABS
Max Load
220 Lbs
Frame Material
Magnesium alloy
Approx 34 Lbs
Smart Technology
HD LED Display
F/R 9" PU foamed inner tube

4 reviews for Splach Swift Electric Scooter

  1. Karla

    I’m happy with this product but I wish it were a bit lighter

  2. Sharay

    I work after school so I need a mode of transport that won’t cost too much. This electric scooter comes with a lot of lights that help out during night travel.

  3. Jignyasa

    It runs for 18 miles on a single charge, which is as great as you’re going to get with such a modest price tag. I also love the minimalist and compact design.

  4. Jignyasa

    So far I’ve taken it to many places and didn’t have issues storing my electric scooter. It charges pretty quickly and I really love its design. Overall, it’s a great electric scooter.

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