Segway C80 Electric Moped

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Segway’s eMoped C80 is a smart moped-inspired bike. It marries convenience with user-friendliness, zooming at speeds of up to 20 mph. It also features a newly designed 1152wh lithium-ion battery, which carries you farther on longer journeys thanks to its range of up to 52 miles per charge.

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Compact And Lightweight

The C80 weighs less than 121 pounds and is less than 5.3 feet, making it perfect for taking into elevators and storing tight spaces. While the eMoped is delivering a worry-free experience, all you need is to hop on and start your day.

Regenerative Anti-Lock Braking System

The front disk brake on this moped is complemented by a rear drum brake to make sure braking is fast, smooth, and stable. The EABS System on the bike funnels energy to the battery in order to extend its range.

Two-Stage Central Shock Absorber

The superb two-stage central shock absorber on the C80 is as dynamic as it looks, tackling any bumps along the road and ensuring a smooth, stress-free ride.


Model Name
Segway C80 Electric Moped
Top Speed
20 mph
52.8 Miles
1152 Wh lithium-ion-battery
Charge Time
7 hours
Braking System
Front disk & rear drum w/ E-ABS System
Max Load
220 Lbs
121.25 Lbs

10 reviews for Segway C80 Electric Moped

  1. I haven’t gotten close to the 52 mi range, more like 35-40 mi at a max speed of 19mph but this is a fun product. It has many tech features that other eBikes don’t and this almost justifies the price. It’s well built and looks nice. The app still needs to be polished, some of it’s still in Chinese and tracking seems to be off. Says I do 22mph on rides but the speedometer and Garmin say 19mph. You can change the units to imperial but some of the values still show up in metric. I have set off the alarm, but don’t always get the push notification. They seem to be random. This ride is very comfortable with the dual shocks and cruise control makes it easier on long rides. My only complaint would be the grips can be a little sticky but other than that, this is a great product.

  2. I just got the best early Fathers Day gift EVER and my inner child is delighted! I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this Segway-Ninebot C80 eMoped, but I’m absolutely loving it! It is such a smooth and phenomenally fun scooter fornthe summer! I have enjoyed riding around my town today and love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I ride past. I have received so many compliments on how cool and quiet the scooter is, so many people wanting to get one! Thank you.

  3. I got to say that this Segway is so much fun. Bought one for my wife and one for me. I have three motorcycles and I enjoy riding the C-80 more than the motorcycles. When my wife and I ride we set our cruise control and enjoy the scenery, laugh, and enjoy each others company because you can actually talk with one another because there is no noise from the bike. Very comfortable to ride for long distances and built very well. I have not been on a hill where the Segway would not climb. This bike is well worth the money and I am soooo Glad thet we bought them!!!!!!!

  4. Super good product. The Segway Emoped works well and is great for people like myself in the 13-15 year old range. In only 3 days I’ve put well over 100 miles on the moped in only a few charges. Another plus which is not mentioned is the phone charger which comes in very handy when you want to ride but your phone is not charged. It should also be known that this can fit two people for me i have people sit in the back “storage” plate.

  5. This segway bike is absolutely amazing! This was a purchase for our son son that he could get back and forth to work without having to stress about getting a license. It has been an absolute blessing and I ride it from time to time as well. Best purchase I have made in a while

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