Y9-S Plus



The Y9-S Plus electric scooter is the ultimate trailblazer. Built to tackle even the toughest terrain, it comes equipped with off-road tires, robust disc brakes, and a new gear ratio designed just for high-torque trail riding. It also features rear-wheel hydraulic shock absorption and ultra-bright headlights to boost safety during night rides. This scooter’s LCD screen displays all the stats you want about your ride, and it’s completely foldable for easy stowing and porting. It comes with a removable, foldable saddle as well — just what you need for long rides on bumpy roads.

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Long-Range Battery with Smart Power Management

Thanks to multiple 18650 high-capacity lithium batteries, the Y9-S Plus yields up to 59.5 miles of travel in one single charge. Its LCD display offers smart battery management while also showcasing the health of your battery pack.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame

The Y9-S Plus is built from aerospace-grade aluminum that’s not only corrosion-resistant, but also features great thermal conductivity. Weighing in at just 56.5 pounds, it’s easy to carry onto public transportation and up flights of stairs.

Shock-Absorption Tires for a Smoother Ride

This scooter comes with big, 10-inch front and rear tires. That means you get to enjoy top-notch shock absorption no matter how rough the terrain. Anti-slip treads also keep your footing secure even while you’re off-roading. And the scooter’s 800W brushless DC motor gives you stable power input for a smoother riding experience

Model Name
Y9-S Plus
Top Speed
38 Mph (speed limit regulations vary by state. check with your local DMV for restrictions)
53.5-59.5 miles
DC Brushless 800W Motor
24 Ah / 48V
Charge Time
10-12 Hours
Max Load
286 Lbs
Frame Material
Aerospace-grade aluminium frame
53.5 Lbs
Smart Device Concectivity
LCS Display
10 inch off-road tire

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