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The Yamee Fat Bear 750 S is one of the best selling bikes of the brand. It displays all the power needed, coupled with the convenience of a folding e-bike. A lot of R&D and efforts resulted in a 100-mile range and a max speed of 27 mph.
Those are specs we can find in the “extreme” category, but rarely in a folding, compact, regenerative battery category. Yamee decided to combine all the advantages of the two e-bike worlds and it created a best seller.

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All Terrain Fat Tires

The fat tires, 20 x 4.0,  will let you go through the  hardest terrains, such as snow, sand, mud… The power of the motor and battery will do the rest, you can glide where other traditional bikes will get stuck.

Double Suspension System

The double suspension will offer even a greater range of outdoor activities for the adventurers who need an ebike packed with features. Equipped with a Shimano 8-Speed transmission as well, the Yamee Fat Bear 750S Electric Bike is ready to conquer any terrain and smoothen the roughest ones.

iPAS Technology

Yamee’s patented I-PAS regeneration recharges over 60% of the battery power anytime the bike is braking, gliding, or riding downhill. The secret of this technology is their patent I-PAS technology, which transfers the energy generated by the motor back to the generator when riding downhill, braking, or gliding. While the bike doesn’t require throttle during these moments, the motor uses the kinetic energy to power the battery.


Model Name
Yamee Fat Bear 750S Electric Bike
Top Speed
27 mph
100 Miles
750W Motor
48V 14.5AH Samsung 18650-35e Cells
Charge Time
4-5 hours
Braking System
F/R 180mm Tektro hydraulic
Max Load
300 lbs
Frame Material
Alloy Foldable Frame
59.5 lbs
Smart Technology
Retina LCD Display
ChaoYang 20 x 4.0 All Terrain Fat Tires


6 reviews for Yamee Fat Bear 750S Electric Bike

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  1. Powerful, very fun, and loaded with great features ! Manipulate once fold is not that easy. Comfortable to use and the i-pas feature is great to charge while going downhill

  2. After over 100 miles I can assure you this ebike will not disappoint. Super solid and beefy, this bike cuts no corners. From top to bottom it performs at or above expectation. Comfortable hand grips, excellent tires, impressive disc brakes, rock solid build quality, top of the line digital display by Walke, and 750w motor that can get you to 30mph from a standstill in just a few seconds, it’s not a fat bear, it’s a beast.

  3. For my 6’2″ height, this foldable ebike fits and rides very well. It’s one charge distance, ruggedness and foldable design are noteworthy. I’ve only been riding it for a couple days so far and I still have to figure out some of the settings but this is an impressive product by Yamee!

    The one small issue I have so far with this Yamee product is that it shows your full password (if enabled) when unlocking your bike for anyone in viewing distance to see – not that big of an issue because the key.

  4. This bike is a hidden global optima for “best purchase” ebike. I’ve bought 3 in this style so far (fold-able 20inch fat tire ebike). These are the best components you can get for the price:

    – Tektro hydraulic brakes
    – 4 more amp hours capacity than the crappy 10-12 AH batteries of other Chinese made brands
    – REGENERATIVE BRAKING/COASTING/PEDALING via IPAS – yes this is worth having, no it won’t recharge your battery all the way at all BUT IT WILL EXTEND YOUR RANGE. This single fact should be enough to buy this one over any of the other 20 inch fat tire bike’s from the clone factory.

    Get this setting tuned right where pedaling feels effortless but you’re still recharging the battery at a trickle rate (~70W) and the user experience of powered pedaling comes close to torque based sensors.

    – Display/computer that is full color and full featured – on other bikes not having color doesnt just mean your display is less pretty and readable, but the computer itself is less able and has less settings/software to tailor your ebike experience.

  5. Wow! Fun fun fun!! Too bad its HEAVY!

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