Zetazs Knight Cross Electric Skateboard


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The Zetazs Knight Cross Electric Skateboard offers riders innovation, technology, in a piece of EV that is quite unique. From the control of your speeds and turns to the braking, the consistency of speed, range, acceleration and deceleration, riders need to choose quality products to ensure their safety and their investment. Zetazs has understood the assignment and delivered more than a skateboard. To be sure to ride smoothly and safely, the Knight Cross is a connected device.

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Independent Suspension System

  • Block of primary aluminum is made by CNC, with precise structure;
  • Metal oxide surface treatment, hard and rich texture;
  • Independent working buffer spring and rocker arm, give full play to the buffer effect;
  • Smooth copper rotating contact surface;
  • The rocker joint uses high-strength steel special screws;
  • High-density die-casting Trucks;
  • Higher chassis distance, stronger passability;

Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub

  • It is processed by CNC with high precision, with more precise concentricity, anti bounce and higher rotating efficiency;
  • Ultra lightweight aviation aluminum alloy materials;
  • Metal frosted surface, stronger metal texture;
  • The detachable structure is convenient for maintenance and replacement of tires;

Dual-Drive Motor

  • 2300W high-power torque dual-drive hub motor
  • Up to 90% power efficiency;
  • High torque output of 5N. M * 2, providing up to 35% climbing performance and efficient acceleration performance;
  • Aluminum alloy shell, fast cooling performance.


Model Name
Zetazs Knight Cross Electric Skateboard
Top Speed
25 mph
15.5 miles
2300W high-power torque dual-drive hub
LG 36v 200Wh 5.6ah
Charge Time
3-4 hours
Braking System
Electronic ABS Brake
Max Load
220 Lbs
Frame Material
Full aviation grade aluminum alloy
17.6 Lbs
Smart Technology
Remote control & AI
100mm rubber off road



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