Jolta is funded by major industry investors who share our vision of moving toward sustainability.  Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, so we set out to promote EV adoption.

We quickly realized the industry faced some big challenges.

There are millions of electric bike, scooter, and moped brands. Researching and comparing them can be overwhelming, whether you’re an EV expert or new to it all. 

Our solution: create the world’s first EV-centric marketplace, where customers can browse a curated selection of the best EVs in each category — from electric scooters to cars. We also built a team of experts available to guide customers and loaded our website up with tips and advice to make the selection process that much easier.

Jolta’s mission is to leave a meaningful, positive impact on the way we travel every day. We strive to offer the best products, expert buying advice, and unrivalled customer service to make EV adoption effortless.