Jolta is funded by major industry investors that share our vision of protecting the environment and moving toward sustainability.

Because transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, we’ve set our sights on encouraging EV adoption in order to create a healthier, more eco-conscious world. We quickly realized the industry faced some big challenges. Many users find it hard to shop for EVs because there are so few experts on the ground to help them navigate the market. What’s more, a lot of EV brands are only available to purchase online, making it nearly impossible to shop around in person and get a good feel for all the different kinds of products available. Those who are new to the market of EVs also worry about the lack of charging solutions available to them. We analyzed all of these challenges and looked for a solution. The answer was Jolta.

We want to jumpstart the EV industry by putting people first and making EVs accessible to all. Our goal is to simplify the world of EV — from product selection to charging solutions — by providing a one-stop shop for all things electric.