Coolest 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens


Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about holiday gift ideas. Especially for teens, it can be hard to find them gifts that they will love and actually use. So, we’ve compiled a list of awesome, electric-powered personal transporters that they won’t be able to stay off of.

Hyper Gogo GoKart


This is the perfect gift for any dynamic teen–because you get twice the fun with this hoverboard and go kart combo. They can ride around in the fully-functioning go kart, and slip off the back wheels at any point to jet off on a hoverboard instead. With a top speed of 9.3 mph and a range of 9.3 miles, they’ll be able to get anywhere they need to go with their new set of wheels.

Plus, this product is available in a number of colorways for both the go kart portion and the hoverboard, so each teen can rock the block in their own unique way.

Gotrax Glide Pro Electric Hoverboard


The futuristic-looking Gotrax Glide Pro Electric Hoverboard will be all the rage among teens this holiday season. It’s the brand’s most unique hoverboard, with its sleek, chrome paint finish and infinity light wheels, it’s just as exciting visually as it is to ride it.

Not to mention, the hoverboard is Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can glide down the street rocking out to your favorite jams for a totally blissful ride. Available in a number of colors like black, purple, and yellow, you can find the right electric hoverboard for that special teen in your life.

MotoTec Vulcan Electric Scooter


Kids ages 13 and up won’t be able to keep their hands off this MotoTec Vulcan Electric Scooter. The latest model for the brand, this e-scooter comes with all the bells and whistles that are sure to impress your teen. 

With its foldable design, it’s easy to bring along anywhere, and its high-powered 48v motor means it offers plenty of torque and performance for any type of terrain. The fat tires and ergonomic shape really make for a smooth ride that anyone can enjoy, and you can be sure that your kid is riding in both style and comfort with this e-scooter.

MotoTec 36v 1000W Electric Dirt Bike


Any teen will love hopping on the MotoTec 36v 1000w Electric Dirt Bike for some good, rugged fun. The dirt bike has a powerful motor, a key-lock operated ride with three speeds, and adjustable handlebars for the perfect ride.

So when your teen wants to ride around in the back yard or hit the dirt tracks, this bike has all the power they need–while still being eco-friendly and battery-powered. Additionally, it’s available in a number of colors, so we have the perfect bike to match anyone’s preferences.

MotoTec 24v Electric Moped


MotoTec’s 24v electric moped is the ultimate cool kid ride. Any teen would love to jet around the neighborhood in this awesome set of wheels. Already fully-equipped with front and rear disc breaks and large 11-inch pneumatic street tires, all parents can feel confident that their kids are having fun and staying safe.

The highlight of this e-moped is its long ride times–especially compared to others on the market. With not one, but two, large 12v 12ah batteries, your teen doesn’t have to worry about losing power mid-ride. Plus, there are countless other features like under seat storage, a rear luggage rack, key start, a horn, and front headlight to meet all their transportation needs.

Sublue WhiteShark MixPro Sea Scooter


To help your teen take beach days to the next level, get them the WhiteShark MixPro Sea Scooter. It is compact and ultra-lightweight, so it won’t be a pain to take down to the beach. Plus, it’s equipped with Sublue’s latest and greatest high-performance underwater motor system, and advanced speed model selection and buoyancy regulator.

This is the smallest double propellar underwater scooter on the market–meaning it’s the perfect fit for youngsters without compromising on power. With a range of 60 minutes on a single charge, your teen will be able to do all the underwater exploring that they desire. In addition, the waterproof phone case mounting and fixed support means riders can capture all the fun on the sea without worry of ruining their phone.

With the ideas from this list, you won’t be stumped about what to gift your teen come the holiday season. At Jolta, we have gifts for the whole family too–not just the teens. Check out our selection of kids’ e-bikes, e-bikes for adults, and e-mopeds for adults to find the perfect gift for any of your loved ones today!  

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