Different e-bike frame types, styles, and sizes for you to choose from

Electronic bikes are fairly prevalent in the biking industry and people who support the green revolution and abide by it would only approve the use of e-bikes within the bike category. These come in different sizes, frame types, and shapes, tempting to the specific requirements of the people.

The E-bike craze is on the rise on a global scale

People around the globe continue to favor these e-bikes because of the convenience and minimization of carbon footprint that these bring. Interested in getting your own e-bike? You must know the different types of frames these come in and choose the bike based on your personal style interests. Following are some of the different frame types and associated e-bike styles for you to choose from.

1- Traditional frame

The traditional frame is the first choice of many customers because it is sleek, slender, and practically more appetizing from a consumer’s point of view. And you wouldn’t believe that it is an e-bike and might mistake it for your standard one. This is how sleek and mysterious this type of frame is. There are certain drawbacks within the traditional frame that need to be assessed from a consumer’s point of view before purchasing.

There is room within the frame to hide the battery but only a small one can fit inside which is a problem from the range perspective. The power a traditional frame can deliver on account of a smaller battery is somewhat also limited. If you want to use your e-bikes for an extensive journey every day then traditional frames might not be a suitable option.

2- Step-through frame

This frame style is extremely popular among riders because it offers a rather easy on and off approach to them. They can get on pretty easy on it and lay off easily too, among adults and older people especially this e-bike frame type is a massive hit. People with arthritis or other such disabilities that don’t allow them to lift their leg up all the way to the center bar on the bicycle prefer this design type over any other.

Talking about the drawbacks, there are no viable drawbacks with this design but an upside is that it was specifically designed to assist people to get on and off on the bike in a convenient fashion. There are multiple choices available to you regarding this frame style which is something great to have in terms of options to choose from.

3- Moped style

A moped-style frame is for people who want something unique with their e-bikes. To these people, traditional frames are of no avail because of their commonness to exist everywhere and in access to everyone. This type of e-bike looks just like a motorbike and will trick everyone into believing at the first glance that it is a mini version of the motorbike they are looking at. It looks more like a moped than a motorcycle. There is this great seat on the top, big enough to fit a person comfortably in a way that they can go about their business without any trouble.

The only drawback to this bike is that it is a bit heavy on account of a bulky design and is quite larger than the standard e-bikes. They usually come with fat tires which makes it an excellent choice for riding it in almost every terrain type out there. Overall, it is a sturdy e-bike that will give you no trouble in terms of resilience and build quality and will remain by your side for many years to come.       

4- eMTB/Adventure

This is your standard mountain bike but with an electric twist. This frame is specifically inclined to off-road use as it has pretty thick and notched wheels with a much elegant suspension. To support this kind of aggressive build it comes packed with a higher wattage motor. If you have to travel on rough terrain then know that eMTB is the right bike for you.

5- Cargo/Delivery

Bicycle delivery staff have a new favorite in town and that is cargo e-bike. These are sturdy, offer separate compartments for storing delivery items, and most elegantly run on battery power. These bikes can hold about 400 pounds of cargo give or take and can be an easy upgrade from standard cargo bikes. You can increase the range through thumb throttle and pedal assist. Also, the battery is quite bold giving you that extra juice whenever you need it.

A possible drawback might be the added weight because of all the mounted supports to contain the cargo space. This makes it a little heavier than your standard e-bike.

6- Hybrid styles

If you are not a one-style kind of person then hybrid e-bikes might be something tempting to you. These offer a perfect balance between on-road and off-road bikes and their frame styles. These have a slightly erect and upright seat with modern suspension and thinner tires like the street style. These bikes are perfect for riders who have to deal with different types of terrains on a daily basis and the hybrid frame responds well to each and every one of them.

7- Fat tire

These e-bikes have the most ecstatically big tires, bigger than any other bike mentioned before. These bikes are more prevalent to smooth street surfaces and because of the bigger tires, these offer somewhat more unique traction. These are not recommended for off-road terrains because of lame suspension and the inability of the tires to find contact with the uneven ground.

8- Folding frame

Getting the right sizing for you

With these many sizes and frame styles out there one can get confused with what specific frame style they should choose? Hybrid e-bikes might ease this thing for many as they would end up picking it for them but there are other factors that need to be considered. Whenever choosing the frame size and type take into consideration your height and inseam.

These two things alone would help you to choose the right size regardless of the frame that you have selected. But all these things aside your personal thoughts and preference are also ruled into the equation, so do have a winner in mind and work on getting the right frame size according to your height and inseam.   

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