Tips to improve the range of your electric bike

Riding an electric bike is a thrilling experience. But for some, it can be a little distressing as they worry constantly about their e-bike range and not being able to reach where they intend to. So, what can you do to make the most out of your electric bike’s range? It is a common concern among the people who own an e-bike but there are things that you can do to extend the range such as:

1- Charge your battery

I know it is a little too obvious but make sure that your battery is fully charged, not half way charged, about to be full but fully charged. Create a routine where you plug your battery in for an indefinite time until it is fully charged every day, this will give you a solid head start for the day.

2- Pedal like you mean it

It is kind of an obvious thing but even so needs to be mentioned. When you see that your battery is about to die down but you still have a few things to do, start pedaling. Compensate the assist setting in a way that it consumes less battery and uses more pedaling to drive you.

3- Go slowly to go far

Wind resistance can make your battery run out quickly. So, if you need to extend your range, riding a little slower will reduce the wind drag. Plus, it will offer you the advantage of extending your e-bike range even if for a few miles.

4- Carry a charger with you

If you plan to run more than a few errands or go somewhere far away then consider carrying your charger with you. This way when you reach there you can plug your e-bike right in and your battery will accumulate enough juice to make it back.

5- Going for a second battery

If you use your e-bike for more than just running the day-to-day errands then it is definitely worth buying a second battery. Most e-bike manufactures allow customers to add a second battery to their bike. Get them both charged and switch to the second battery when the first one runs out of juice.

6- Maintain your tire pressure

This might sound a little over the edge, but it is something that will save you considerable energy in terms of battery power. If tire pressure is not optimum you might feel your e-bike is a little sluggish and it also requires more power from the battery to run smoothly on the road. As for optimum tire pressure, your e-bike runs smoothly both on battery power and on human energy.

7- Using regenerative brakes feature

This is a fairly discussed concept among the e-biking community and in theory, can be of great help for recapturing some of the energy exerted by the battery on movement. It is a specific feature that is activated through the sensors on the brake levers and turns the motor into a generator that continues to put some amount of charge back into your battery.

8- Take good care of your battery

Try your best to tend to your battery every now and then such as keeping these at room temperature because they don’t do much good in either too cold or hot temperatures. As a general practice, it is important to keep your battery charged. If you are not using your e-bike that much in Winter then store your battery fully charged and charge it often after that month after month.

9- Keep your chain lubricated

This thing is not only important to increase your pedaling efficiency but if you also have a motor that is powered through your bike cranks then it will be good for it too. Let your chain sit for some time after you oil it before wiping the excess off.

These are some of the tips that might help you to score some extra mileage from your e-bikes. While some of these tips are a bit basic others are significant too at making sure that your battery remains in good overall health and available to serve you for years to come.

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