Best Gift Ideas in 2022 for Young Kids

It’s never too early to start looking for holiday gifts. So this year, consider gift options that are fun, safe for kids, and good for the environment. Take a look below at our list of the top gift ideas for kids this year.

Mototec Red Haw Motorcycle Electric Ride On


Perfect for those young kiddos in your life, this electric ride-on motorcycle will have any kid riding in style. Plus, it helps children develop balance skills and can help them build coordination skills at an early age. 

With a top speed of 5 miles per hour, you can be sure that your kids are safe but still enjoying the thrill of riding their own motorcycle.

Torrot Trial One Electric Motorbike


This is the top e-bike available for kids over 3! Packing just enough power for children to learn how to control the bike and balance on their own, it also comes with the technology for parents to control the bike’s velocity through the Parental App

So for any youngster in your life, watch their faces light up as they drive their Torrot Motorbike while knowing the safety features will keep them secure.

Mototec Baja UTV Electric Ride On


 This electric vehicle for kids is packed with plenty of features. It’s big enough for the kid to feel like they’re driving their own car and small enough for parents to know their kids are safe and secure.

With smart technology like Bluetooth audio, an mp3 port, and remote-controllable by parents with the remote, this mini SUV is the perfect combo of fun and safety.

Mototec Mini 4×4 UTV Electric Ride On


Give your youngsters the ride of their life with this mini 4×4 UTV. Available in a number of colors, we have the perfect electric UTV for any kid.

Featuring double doors, 4-wheel drive, Bluetooth, working front and rear lights, and a remote control for parental use at any time, your children will enjoy the thrill this electric vehicle offers, but with plenty of safety features.

Mototec Kalee Fire Truck Electric Ride On


Your kids won’t be able to stay off of this electric ride on fire truck. It’s the perfect first vehicle for future firemen and women, with two sets of flashing lights and lots of sounds like sirens, horns, or hose spraying.

There are three inches of extra space, so there’s plenty of space for your kid to grow with their truck and enjoy for the years to come.

Mototec Kalee Fire Truck Electric Ride On


What little kid doesn’t want a monster truck of their own? With this electric truck, any young kiddo can feel like the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

Remote-controllable and featuring mp3 input, lights, and opening doors, this is the perfect starter vehicle for any kid. Plus, with rubber wheels and strong shocks, it can handle any terrain with ease.

Mototec Injusa Drift Dirt Bike Electric Ride On


Another amazing electric bike, the Injusa Drift Dirt Bike continues to be a favorite among kids everywhere. With sleek details and fun decals, this bike has state-of-the-art designs and engineering to make sure your kid has the best of the best.

Plus, giving this bike to your kid at a young age will help them develop their coordination and balancing skills early on.

Mototec Mini Lamborghini Electric Ride On


Last but not least, the mini electric Lamborghini will have your kid riding in style throughout the whole neighborhood.

Your young tot will be wowed by the opening wing doors, push button start, 4-wheel suspension and working lights, among other amazing features. Available in a cool blue, your child will feel like a million bucks behind the wheel of this awesome vehicle.

Aside from these amazing electric vehicle options for young kids, we have plenty of other gift ideas for children of all ages, including our kids electric scooters, kids hoverboards, and kids electric watercrafts. So for gifts that are eco-friendly and that everyone in the family will love, shop Jolta this holiday season.

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