Espin is an electric bike startup focused on simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Josh and Yina, the co-founders of Espin, come from a family of entrepreneurs who value creating products and services that create a positive impact in the world. After traveling extensively throughout Europe and Asia, they were inspired by the countries’ transportation frameworks, which led to the creation of Espin.

When they moved to San Francisco, they had every best intention that traditional bikes would be our commute. The city’s (in)famous hills had other intentions. Every climb… made it easier to take the bus. Every incline… it seemed simpler to call Uber. But that cost adds up, both in dollars — and in terms of the way they wanted to live.

An electric bike would make short order of steep hills. But the steep starting price was at least $5K. With their experience and connections in China and Taiwan, they knew they could do better. So they built their own. They made it modern, they focused on quality. It was affordable. And it was a joy to ride. When family and friends wanted in on all that… they built a few more.

But what started as a business… became something richer. Riding again felt good. Riding electric felt exhilarating!