Mankeel is brand-new independent research and development electric scooter series product under the company, opening a new stage of brand product development with high quality and high performance as our direction. The company has always been adhering to the corporate values of integrity, innovation, quality, and embracing change to provide the best service for our partners and customers.

Our first new “Mankeel” brand electric scooter the appearance was designed by the Porsche team, and the second electric scooter was designed and produced strictly according to German safety standards. we pay attention to the beautiful appearance of the product and the convenience of use, Meanwhile, the safety of the product has always been the top priority of our R&D work. and implement the concept of safe riding in our product design and production. Several other different models are also being developed and launched, More newer products are currently in development. we focus on every detail, aiming to create a greener and smoother transportation tool for you.

Welcome to join the Mankeel electric scooter riding group to have more convenience and joy in your low-carbon travel way!