MATE. is a Copenhagen-based startup founded by siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton.

In 2016, MATE. came to shake up today’s transportation scene by designing the sleekest, fastest, most versatile, foldable eBike on the market. They launched what would become the most successful European crowdfunding campaign ever. Today, thousands of riders have endorsed the MATE. movement.

Their ambition is to combine both innovation and personal expression in a new form. They want to imagine better, more convenient ways to travel and create new models that are enriched with smarter tech and enhanced flexibility. A MATE. to complement your every mood, riding need and vibe.

The Founders

With his vast experience in procurement, sourcing and e-commerce, Christian’s entrepreneurial background helps MATE. deliver cutting edge products to the market. Julie’s academic background as an Associate Partner at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and expertise in sustainable solutions and urban planning guide their overall goals to address traffic congestion, climate change and health issues.