Zetazs is a company that owns a factory with 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing components of vehicles, especially motors; and has an in-house design team, engineering team, Q&A team, and service team.

We design all our products from the users, by the users and for the users.

Focusing on electric vehicles of micro mobility, we successfully designed and produced our electric scooters, electric skateboards and so on, providing safe, comfortable, convenient and joyful riding expericens to our users in various fields and situations.

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Our factory was established in 1994 and was engaged in R&D and manufacturing of motors, auto parts, and electric mobility products.

All products are thoroughly tested in our facilities and pass the necessary certifications to ensure the quality and safety. We design all our products ourself and produce in our private mould for the best quality and performance, thus we can also offer instant feedback to the customized needs of our partners and customers.

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