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The Dualtron Thunder features incredible 5,400W BLDC motors, ABS brakes, and adjustable suspension. This model is all about performance, but with plenty of endurance to go along with it — the Thunder features a range of around 75 miles. If you’re looking for one of the best-performing electric scooters, this is it.

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ABS Hydraulic Brakes

The Dualtron Thunder features state-of-the-art ABS brakes that offer safety, reliability, and performance.

Eye LCD Display

The Thunder’s EYE LCD display is a new feature for Dualtron’s electric scooters. It offers even more functionality and is a nice complement to the sooter’s optional fingerprint reader.

An Emphasis On Performance

There’s no doubt about it — this scooter was built with performance in mind.

Modular Wheel Design

Safety Lighting

Optional Cartridge Suspension


Model Name
Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter
Top Speed
50 mph
75 miles
5,400W BLDC dual hub
60V 35Ah LG
Charge Time
20 hours
Braking System
Hydraulic w/ ABS
Max Load
264 Lbs
95 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Smart Eye
11" pneumatic

9 reviews for Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

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  1. When used on max settings, I use around 23% battery for the one way trip that consists of stop and go traffic, moderately high uphills (especially on bridges) and straightaway path speeds up to 30 mph. Although this scooter can reach up to 50mph, I dare not to on public roads for the safety of others and myself. Even at 30mph, this is can be very dangerous. It also took me some time to get used to the throttle. It is very sensitive so I ended up using low power settings at first and made sure to enable kickstart mode. For the most part this is a solid, well built scooter with high quality parts. It has held up pretty good for my purpose. The only exception is the hinge part where the shaft folds down. This part started squeaking at around 150 miles and has minor play. I’m not sure if it specific to my scooter or with all but I find myself constantly adjusting and tightening bolts. According to the manual this part of the scooter should be replaced after one year or 3000 miles depending which comes first. Even with this issue, I would still recommend buying the Thunder.

  2. It’s a great scooter, I’m still learning.

  3. The thunder did not disappoint me the scooter is insane speed and range A+ ,it’s everything I thought it would be pricey but worth it and the fast charger along with the regular one will save you much time as the regular one by itself will take a long time to charge I say that because the scooter Arrived before the fast charger and yeah the included fast charger is nice!

  4. It’s probably the best electric scooter you can get at the moment. I used to have Dualtron II LTD, skipped the Ultra series and I’m glad that I did wait for the Thunder. Compared to Ultra, it’s an improvement in many ways. The hydraulic brakes, cable insulation/management, 3 button display with an easy max power mode switch, stock road tubeless tires.

  5. I didn’t really feel like waiting for spring and for any one else as impatient this review is for you. The roads are still covered in snow where I live. Going straight doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for it on ice but turning does become an issue if your not careful. The ABS is amazing! Stuttering to a stop instead of sliding. I did have to turn the acceleration down to make more snow friendly. Once it warms up a bit I plan on using it to get to work daily and take it on hiking trails, I suppose I’ll have to update my review once I’ve had a chance to play on it more but for what I’ve done on it so far The Dualtron Thunder has been amazing!

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