E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle

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The EW-29 tricycle is versatile, safe, and convenient. It can reach maximum speeds of 15 miles per hour and allows you to combine its 100% electric power with manual pedaling action to gain even more speed. Its powerful battery yields 20 miles on a single charge. And though its frame is on the smaller size, it can carry up to 400 pounds and is extremely sturdy thanks to its three-wheel structure. The EW-29 ships fully assembled and ready for use.

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Comfort And Safety

The EW-29 has an electric battery indicator that lets you know how much of charge you have left and how many more miles it’ll yield. The trike also features advanced functions like a forward and reverse switch, giving you better control over it while maneuvering. The chair is built with a backrest for maximum comfort, and the step-through frame’s low height makes for easy mounting.

Features Designed For Convenience

The EW-29 comes equipped with front and rear baskets, making it the perfect companion for a grocery run or ride with your pet. The design also features a stylish LED front light and an electric horn you can use to alert others of your presence

Ready To Drive

Your EW-29 will arrive in a single box, fully assembled and ready to drive.

Quality Components

High-Performance Braking System

Comfortable Commute


Model Name
E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle
Top Speed
15 mph
20 Miles
500W Direct-drive hub
48V 12Ah
Braking System
Front V, rear expansion
Max Load
400 Lbs
128 Lbs
F: 22” x 1.95” R: 20” x 1.95”
100% assembled

6 reviews for E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle

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  1. The Trike arrived in good shape. I plugged in the charger and it was charged in about 3 hours. This was bought for my Wife. I had to buy a new seat post as the one that came with it put her too close to pedals. I added a post that added 3 inches of distance back which allowed her to get on the Trike with no problem. She has ridden it twice since the Trike has enabled her to build up her strength since she completed her Chemo.

  2. The Trike came fully assembled. I just had to lower the seat. I live in a beach town and use this as my primary mode of transportation. The back basket allows me to do a week’s grocery shopping in one trip. I also use it to load up supplies for a day at the beach. I highly recommend this trike. It is the best value for the cost that I found. It charges quickly. There are only two problems with the bike. First, it does not have a serial number on it. Second, the ‘recharge cord’ plugs into the battery from the bottom, under the edge of the basket, making it difficult to get to.

  3. It came fully assembled. Charged battery as instructed. Dug out my helmet from days of two wheeling. THEN. took it around the block, peddling on all and adding a bit of electric assistance on the upgrade. At first, it was uncomfortable making turns, but in 10 minutes, felt normal. Fast forward a couple of weeks. I’ve done over 100 miles in 7 days of riding. The last was 18.5 miles averaging 9-10mph according to the Runtastic pro tracker. Legs are stronger and joints less sore. This is an AMAZING deal. It has nice features like “Fully Assembled.” Reverse gear. Large baskets. Light/Horn. I’m 6’2″ and while I’d like it a bit bigger…it works comfortably. The most interesting thing to me is that the electric assist compensates for the lack of “gears/shifters.”

  4. Ive had my trike for just over a week and I absolutely love it. Ive been able to ride it to the grocery and had plenty of room to store my merchandise. Ive ridden it to my favorite Chinese Restaurant and the wind provided a wonderful breeze to keep me cool. Riding it to the pharmacy enabled me to pick up my medicine without having to bother my friends or family to give me a ride. I dont feel so indebted for having to do my errands or visiting my friends and family. Having this tricycle as given me my independence back, plus its sooo much fun!!

  5. wow! I feel like i’m cruising without a care in the world ! I just sit on my bike and put my little four legged friend in the rear basket and off we go for a trip around the neighborhood. This bike has enabled me to really enjoy the outdoors this year and I try to ride it every day. It is very easy to ride I just twist the speed handle and the electric motor just takes me away. I tell all my friends about my trike and several of them have also purchased.

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E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle
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