Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard

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The Maxfind FF BELT Electric Skateboard is your dream high-performance street electric skateboard with attention to detail in every turn, light and integrated form factor is an ultra-performance, comfortable, long range electric skateboard! Enjoy a maximum speed of 28 mph and a maximum range of 25 miles. A thrilling yet safe ride to give you the ultimate cruising experience!

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Ultimate Riding

In order to provide riders with a better riding experience, Maxfind has equipped the FF BELT with the newly released Maxfind 105mm Shock-Absorbing wheels, you can ride on sand/gravel/mud/grass/concrete roads and feel just as comfortable as all terrain boards. Shuttle through the streets and alleys without fear of complicated road conditions.

Torque & Maneuverability

The FF BELT easily outperforms every other belt-driven street board in torque and maneuverability. It is geared up with 1500W*2 B1 belt motors, with a top speed of 28 Mph and more torque, can conquer 35% of slopes and handle complex road conditions with ease.

Innovation & Technology

The Maxfind R&D team is proud to introduce Maxfind’s latest technical feat – using new technology X-composite + fiberglass composite to ensure the high flexible of the deck.
This eco-friendly material design and carbon fiber coating has a direct effect avoiding deforestation of forests and bamboo.
The 42″ long deck with a large standing platform gives you comfort and stability at high speeds.
And the unique concave design locks your feet so that you can ride worry-free.


Model Name
Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard
Top Speed
28 mph
25 miles
2x 1500W
48V 8.7Ah 376Wh SAMSUNG 12S3P
Charge Time
3 Hours
Braking System
Electronic Regenerative
Max Load
220 Lbs
Frame Material
X-composite & Glass Fiber
Smart Technology
Remote Control
Double Kingpin, (11.4" CNC Precision Machined) Wheels: 4.1"



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