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Have an extraordinary diving experience unrivaled in its class. Introducing the Navbow+, a new generation of underwater scooter. Experience cutting-edge technology with smart safety features and undeniable power and speed. Equipped with 3-speed switches, a digital compass, intelligent APP control, and more to take your diving experience to the next level.

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Undeniably Powerful

Navbow+ is the fastest among our underwater scooters with 3 speed switches of up to 2m/s. With our advanced and patented waterproof batteries, it can operate at depths of up to 40m with a long-lasting battery of up to 60 minutes.

Smart Safety Features

Navbow+ offers superior smart safety features, including a flashing OLED screen, buzzer, and auto-shutdown if something goes wrong during your dive. You can even use the APP to set the depth and battery alarms. So head out into the water and feel safe knowing that your underwater scooter has got you covered.

Cutting Edge Technology

With Sublue’s cutting-edge technology, confidently head out into the water and use the built-in compass, as well as the water depth and temperature sensors of Navbow+. This will help you better navigate your journey underwater.

Durable And Reliable

Patented Waterproof Batteries

SublueGo App


Model Name
Sublue Navbow + Sea Scooter
Top Speed
4.47 mph
60 Minutes
Smart Technology
Intelligent App Control & OLED Screen

7 reviews for Sublue Navbow + Sea Scooter

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  1. These performed really well snorkeling in the Caribbean. They last about 45 min of actual run time and pull significantly – using the fastest speed is a little uncomfortable because it pulls you so hard through the water. I had issues with mine, which turned out to be a user error (clean the hair that gets caught in the prop shaft!), but the customer service was excellent.

  2. Have used twice testing out in the ocean with very light waves and wind. It ran over 20 mins (2650 feet [800m] or so) towing an over 200lb man with no kicking assist. And it pulled about as fast a decent freestyle swim stroke. You can really extend your time if you don’t lock your hands around the throttles and use periodically. With fins you can really keep on plane and steer yourself as well as provide additional propulsion. Would recommend using versus barefoot. Sometimes your hands get tired holding the throttles down for that long of a time (10+ minutes) but not a major issue as I think most would use periodically. Purchased second battery as they do take a bit of time to charge. Be sure to follow the care instructions and soak after use (especially in saltwater!). Saltwater will destroy even the best made motors and waterproof seals.

  3. Bought this for my kids but when I tried it out, I love it! It felt like I was a fish!!!!!

  4. It was better than I expected and I liked it very much. It’s good and fast and I’ll be looking for a faster one soon

  5. We’ve used a couple other models but this is our favorite. The one hand control comes in handy. This has a longer lasting battery than most others. It has 3 speeds. The turbo speed feels very quick and the slower speeds are still useful. This is fun for zipping around a pool, lake or even the ocean. Yes, we’re the official Ninja Kidz from youtube. No we were not paid or given free product. We bought 2.

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Sublue Navbow + Sea Scooter Sublue Navbow + Sea Scooter
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