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The Rambo Rebel Electric Bike 1000W Xtreme Performance electric fat tire bike is for the Extreme Rider that will only settle for the best. Big game hunting the backwoods in steep grade conditions, trail riding in rough terrain, or cruising down the beach the 1000 XPC has the job covered with high end GT Air suspension, a 1000W extreme performance motor, and all the high-end bike components to match.

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Reliable Technology

Rambo’s frame integrated batteries allow the battery sit lower on the bike frame than a standard battery. By placing it lower on the frame it helps keep the weight lower and gives the bike a faster, more responsive ride. The integrated batteries are designed to be universal and allow you to upgrade to a whopping 21-amp hour battery! The 21-amp hour battery can give you a max distance of 48 miles!


Rambo chose to use Bafang powerful mid-drive motor.  The motor has a nominal power rating of 1000W and a peak power rating of 1500W. It offers a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9 and a maximum torque of 160 N.m, giving the rider great explosive force when taking off. Highly strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding joy and the “Rambo Smile” This motor is suitable for riding on terrain such as mountains, sand and for those adrenaline seeking riders who love power.

Quality Components

No costs were spared to build the most extreme off-road fat bike. The frame is TrueTimber Viper Western Camo for both concealment and looks. The Rambo Rebel 1000W True Timber Viper Western Camo Xtreme Performance features a custom-built frame to encase and heighten the motor for increased ground clearance and protection. The Rambo Rebel 1000W TrueTimber Viper Western Camo Xtreme Performance electric fat tire bike won’t disappoint!


Model Name
Rambo Rebel Electric Bike
48 miles
Bafang 1,000W High Torque Mid Drive
48V 21Ah
Braking System
F/R Tektro Hydraulic pistons
Max Load
300 Lbs
Frame Material
6061 Aluminum Alloy
69 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
26" x 4.8"



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