Rattan Pathfinder Electric Bike

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The Pathfinder has been made according to reviews and needs of customers and improved years after years, version after version. This is the exact reason why this bike will answer your needs, it has ben designed with thought by a company innovating and developing new technologies every year. Components are impressive, Shimano, Tektro… it’s everything to ensure this bike will not disappoint on the roughest terrains.

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Easy Explore All Terrains

The 750w motor provides 68 NM torque and more power. Whether it’s speeding over the worst hill on your commute or looking to explore all types of terrain.

Safer & Easier

The 48v 13ah battery continuously delivers energy to high-speed motors to maintain high speed back and forth throughout the day. Remove the battery with the key and charge it at your home or office. Safer and easier.

Smooth and Stable Riding

Puncture resisting 4.0 CST tires increase the contact area with the ground to make smooth and stable driving and provide you a better travel experience.


Model Name
Rattan Pathfinder Electric Bike
Top Speed
20 mph
60 miles
48V 13Ah
Charge Time
6 hours
Braking System
Max Load
300 Lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum alloy
Smart Technology
GD 06 LCD Display
Puncture resisting 4.0 CST


5 reviews for Rattan Pathfinder Electric Bike

  1. I’ve always been picky when it comes to bikes because I consider safety and efficiency important. I use a bike to get to work every day since they’re more eco-friendly so I took my time looking for bikes. After browsing through so many choices, I finally found this bike and I’m 100% happy with it. So thankful to my friend who pointed me to this website.

  2. I’m so happy I decided to buy this bike because it has everything I’ve ever wanted in one. It runs so smoothly and has a big, strong frame that’s just perfect for me. Unboxing was also easy and I’ve taken it with me to work every day.

  3. This is a great bike that can cover huge distances. My pathfinder performs well no matter where I go, whether I’m riding around the city or when I bring it along with me for camping. It provides a smooth ride pretty much everywhere, which is what I love most about it.

  4. The pathfinder is the best bike I’ve ever had and is perfect for people who have extra money to splurge. It has so much power and is built for both serious bikers and those who use their bikes to get to work. I use mine for both, and I’m happy with the big wheels because they’re puncture-resistant, so I never have to deal with unexpected flats. All in all, money well spent.

  5. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should buy this bike but I’m glad I did. The price is a bit high but I knew from my first ride that it was worth it. It’s really strong but also provides such a comfortable ride, I can’t wait to keep using it every day.

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