S1 9-Speed

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If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish bike offering great value, the Elby S1 is a fantastic choice. It features regenerative braking, speed controls, a removable battery, and ultra-bright LED lighting. The best part? A single charge takes just four hours and yields a range of 80 miles. Though it weighs only 54 pounds, the Elby S1 can carry up to 330 pounds.

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Eye-Catching Design

The sleek and stylish Elby S1 comes in five colors – gray, orange, white, light blue, and black. The step-through design of its aluminum frame makes it easy for riders of any height to mount and dismount, while the e-bike’s wide, padded saddle boosts comfort. Ergonomic handlebar grips with non-slip rubber surfaces give riders better control, too.

Power and Range

This e-bike is powered by a cutting-edge 500W BionX D500 motor system, which makes climbing hills a breeze. If you prefer not to pedal, you’ll love the Elby S1’s thumb-activated throttle. Range is also a big plus on this e-bike—its 556 wH battery yields a max range of up to 80 miles.

A Convenient App

The Elby app is hands down one of the most unique and convenient features about this e-bike. It showcases all kinds of useful data about your ride and e-bike, including your average speed, travel distance, battery life, torque level, motor power available, and even the weather. You can also enter a destination into the app’s map and it will let you know if you have enough power to get there without recharging your bike’s battery.

Model Name
S1 9-Speed
Top Speed
28 MPH
Up to 80 miles
500W rear hub motor with internal rider input sensor for optimal rider experience
48v, 555 Whr Li-Ion cell battery pack
Braking System
Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm brake rotors with power cut-off switch for safety
Max Load
330 LBS
Frame Material
Step through design with oversized aluminum tubing
55 Lbs
Smart Technology
2.5" color display: Large modern digital display, well laid out/highly visible speed, battery state of charge, assist levels, regenerative mode and much more. Easy to pop on/off and exchange with smart phone
26" x 2.2" Continental Tires with reflective side walls for safety

Elby stands by the quality of their ebikes, which is why they automatically offer a warranty covering a one-year period on all parts for the original owner. By registering your new ebike within 60 days of purchase, your warranty will be extended to cover a two-year period.

3 reviews for S1 9-Speed

  1. Walker K.

    This is an amazing bike! From front to back, everything on this bike is high quality. It is surprising how much fun it is to press the throttle on this bike and accelerate up to speed without having to pedal.

  2. Fred R.

    I’ve ridden a lot of electric bikes in my time and find many of them a collection of parts that make it easier to get around, but that’s about it. What separates the Elby is the level of integration and design of all the ebike components into something that truly works together and is a joy to ride.
    Every inch of the bike is thought through, from how the simple, rugged battery connection to the hydraulic disc brakes to the tire choice, to the adorable little bell. The custom battery shape works aesthetically with the frame and is not some obtrusive piece strapped to the down tube of the bike. By putting it down low, it also adds to the stability of the bike, making it handle like a dream, regardless of speed.

  3. Jeffery K.

    I am very pleased with this bike from assembly to riding it 38 miles already within 3 days. If you’ve never ridden an electric bike be careful at first while getting used to the power engagement after pedaling. Then rack up the fun miles!

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Elby is the brainchild of globally recognized automotive visionaries with more than five decades of automotive design and manufacturing expertise.

With experience building complete cars for luxury brands like Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW and Mini, Elby product is designed with the same automotive grade design, engineering which is a key difference and advantage over other e-bike products on the market. elby’s team members are working to inspire a new era of mobility by delivering the best personal transportation experience – as a result, will accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy.