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Level Up with the SWFT Maxx Electric Moped, featuring compact design to manoeuver through traffic and elevates your commute. Front and rear hydraulic shocks offer a comfortable ride for you and your passenger, and turn signals, headlight, rearview mirrors and a horn keep you safe.

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Offering speeds up to 20 mph and ranges on a full battery up to 38 miles, the SWFT Maxx Electric Moped is a great commuting companion and will help you in every situation thanks to a remote control, built-in alarm, locking storage, and a LCD control panel.


Everyone has a seat, the exceptional quality meets accessible prices on this moped for 2 riders, it is featured with all the essential to make it safe to ride on the road: headlight, turn signals and rearview mirrors to beat traffic everytime you jump on your EV.


The 400W brushless motor is the perfect power and performance for a quiet, and energy efficient ride, without compromising power. Enjoy it alone or with your favorite passenger.


Model Name
SWFT Maxx Electric Moped
Top Speed
Up to 20 mph
Up to 38 miles
400W Brushless
48V 20Ah SLA
Charge Time
Up to 10 Hours
Braking System
Front disc, rear drum
Max Load
265 Lbs
161.4 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
High-tread 10"x2.75"
95% Assembled
Seat height: 30"


15 reviews for SWFT Maxx Electric Moped

  1. Thisbwas a Christmas gift for my 14-year-old. He loved it! His eyes lit up when we handed him his keys. After going over the controls and safety, he was ready to go.

  2. Initial impression of receiving my shipment of the SWFT – MAXX eMoped; I was honestly a bit intimidated. But as soon as I was able to unbox it I realized that SWFT has done an amazing job with making sure it was fully secured during transit in addition to it arriving pre-assembled. The only assembly that you need to do is put on the side mirrors. Everything you need is located in the seat so be sure to retrieve it all before you start riding.

    I love the fact that the SWFT – MAXX eMoped comes equipped with everything I need to feel safer when riding; whether that be during the day or at night. It comes standard with high beam, low beam, daytime running light, horn, turn signals, emergency signal, brake light and parking brake.

    Now onto the first impression of the ride. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with how smooth and responsive the SWFT – MAXX eMoped is. Just to make sure everything is operating like it’s supposed to; I took it to my parking area for a spin. Going over different bumps and dips felt like riding on clouds thanks to the front and rear hydraulics. When SWFT marketed their shock absorption to maximize comfort; they were not kidding. Now when it comes to the acceleration I had no problems at all with feeling the “oomph” when I need it to. Not to mention I am also 6”1 and 205 lbs (the max weight capacity is 265 lbs). When it comes down to needing the brakes they were responsive enough to stop when I needed to stop. Overall initial first impressions of the ride left me comfortable and excited to take it to the street.

    Then it was time to take the SWFT – MAXX eMoped to the street to see how it performs. Safety first so make sure to get some gear if you don’t have any such as a helmet and even some protective clothing if you feel it’s necessary. Riding around in the residential area was not only fun but I didn’t feel like my life was in danger at any given moment. The SWFT – MAXX eMoped’s top speed is 19.8mph so it has just enough juice when you need it but not too much to where I need to register it as I reside in the state of California (your state may be different depending on the laws so be sure to do your research). I like the fact that it’s full electric and super easy to charge which means I am not polluting the air in addition to saving some mileage on my vehicle. The display looks premium and bright enough (day or night) to where I can easily read how fast I am going and how much charge I have left. Next was time to see how many heads I could get to turn which means I tested the horn. The horn is loud enough to alert the people around you including vehicles so no problems at all here. I even had a few individuals ask me about the SWFT – MAXX eMoped when I went to pick up some wings locally. They liked the fact that the SWFT – MAXX eMoped doesn’t look cheap and it is definitely stylish to where you can stroll around town with confidence. This was when I also tested the alarm which again because of how loud the horn was, I knew there wasn’t going to be any issues with alerting someone if anyone were to try and mess with my SWFT – MAXX eMoped. Once I returned home safely, charging the SWFT – MAXX eMoped is ridiculously simple. SWFT markets that the full charge is 10 hours and all you need is an outlet. They were not kidding. You literally just connect the ac adapter and power cord together and plug it in beneath the seat. Once you are fully charged you are ready to stroll around town with up to 38 miles on a single charge.

    In conclusion I have to say I am ecstatic with the SWFT – MAXX eMoped. I don’t have any serious complaints except for a few minor complaints. A few of the stickers were out of place (coming off because it wasn’t applied correctly) and crooked. I also noticed a little bit of noise coming from the front tire but nothing overly loud/bothersome. So what I am trying to say is if you are currently browsing/contemplating on getting an electronic moped that is safe, stylish, easy to operate and overall an enjoyment to ride; I strongly and highly recommend the SWFT – MAXX eMoped.

    *****Quick Features & Specs*****
    Max Speed: The MAXX’s throttle reaches speeds up to 19.8mph.
    Max Distance: Ride up to 38 miles on single battery charge.
    Rechargeable Battery: A built-in 48V 20Ah lead acid battery efficiently powers your ride without polluting the air.
    Charging Time: Fully charge your vehicle in 10 hours. Charger included, all you need is an outlet.
    Motor: The MAXX’s 400W Brushless motor is quiet and efficient without compromising power.
    Tire Size: Durable 10” x 2.75” tires grip the road for nimble turns and a safe ride.
    Shock Absorption: Front and rear hydraulics ensure the maximum comfort.

    *****What’s in the box*****

    Key and Remote (x2)
    AC Adapter
    Operation Manual
    Quick Start Guide
    Warranty Card
    Multi-Purposed Wrench

  3. I am enjoying this scooter.. its effecient, veey easy to assemble. It literally does what it says. It does not require a driver’s license or insurance so very good if needing to find alternatives to driving. My only 2 complaints are not enough storage space and battery life. Needs to be charged every other day for full battery life.

  4. My partner and I love it for getting around or just joyriding.

  5. I have rode many gas mopeds before and they are always a ton of fun. Currently there are not many electric mopeds on the market but the idea is exciting. I believe electric vehicles are the future but one of the biggest downfalls currently is long charge times and low range. The SWFT Maxx moped hopes to bring the same great experience of gas moped in electric form with even more fun to offer.


    The package this moped came in is rather large. However, it was super easy to unbox and with two people it can easily be moved. The total weight in the box is just over 200 pounds. The only one negative thing I have to say is that I had an extremely hard time figuring out how to open the seat. The instructions, charger, and mirrors ship inside the seat. I was able to contact the customer service team and they instructed me to just turn the key to the left and it pops the seat. The instructions it come with do not tell you how to open the seat either. Contacting customer service was easy and they responded quickly with accurate instructions. I believe they could have included a better owners manual with it. Other than that it was super simple to unbox. The only thing I had to do was put the mirrors on it and take off the packaging materials.


    Unlike many gas mopeds this has many great features. It has a built in kill switch which I believe makes it harder to still. It comes with 2 sets of laser cut keys, key fobs and has an alarm system. It has a cup holder, grocery bag hook, and USB to charge your phone. It also has a built in steering lock. I believe many of these convenience and security features make this one of the most advanced and secure mopeds ever built. This moped has an odometer, day time running lights, headlight, high beam, turn signals, brake lights, and any other feature of a regular moped.It has a bright LED digital display with digital speedometer. It also has built in pegs for a second rider although I would say this would only work if it is two smaller riders.


    The Maxx is rated for 37-38 mile range. Honestly I believe this is an extremely good range. This is not meant to be a vehicle that goes extremely far but with that range you could ride it around town and never run out of battery. Another great thing is that it can fully charge within 10 hours. This might seem like a long time but if you put in on the charge overnight it will be ready to go in the morning. The top speed is rated at 20 MPH which also does not seem like a whole lot but it zips around with no problem. I was extremely impressed with how fast it accelerates and it feels like it is going much faster than 20 mph.


    This moped is a lot of fun to ride. It makes you want to get out of the house and go on an adventure. Compared to other electric scooter, mopeds, and bikes I have ridden I have never had as much fun as I do on the Maxx. I believe the reason it is so fun is because it has a long range which makes the fun last longer, It has a top speed of 20 mph which is faster than others. It also feels like it accelerates much faster, much faster than a gas moped. The Maxx also offers convenience. It has a storage under the seat and a hook for groceries. This is something you can zip down to the grocery store when you need to pick up a few things. It is way more fun to ride than getting in your car and driving to the store. Since this is an electric vehicle there is little to no maintenance which is a huge bonus. Really the biggest thing you have to maintain are the tires and brakes.


    Overall, the Maxx moped is very enjoyable and fun to ride. I believe it is good for just about anyone. It is super easy to ride and with the ranger and speed it has you can take it anywhere around town. I think this would be a great vehicle for a college student or someone with a short commute to work. It has so much technology built into it to make sure it is easy to secure but just as easy to get on and be having a blast. It is so simple and easy to ride that I believe anyone of any legal age can ride it with little learning curve. The lightweight and quick acceleration make this moped very fun to ride around town all day long. I would highly recommend this moped.

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