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The TOP 3.0 electric bike from Guinness World Record-holder, Delfast, is one of the brand’s best sellers. It’s known for its incredible speed (up to 90 km per hour), and has recently been updated and improved to offer even more functionality.

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Performance & Versatility

The new motor on the Top 3.0 can accelerate 3000W and withstand a peak load of 6000W*. It can also reach its top speed of 90 km per hour much faster than previous versions. The new and improved edition is ideal for countryside trips and urban commutes, and offers a pedal-assist system than can take on hilly terrain effortless.

Range That Goes the Distance

This version of the Top 3.0 features an upgraded battery with better current flow. This enables riders to use a new 100A controller and a stronger motor that can reach 182Nm with torque. The brake system has also been improved to a 200F-180R with 203mm discs on each wheel. It won’t overheat when you stop, even at high speeds.

Plenty of Extras

In addition to its incredible motor and brake system the TOP 3.0 also comes loaded with extras, including moto wheels, rear mirrors with turning lights, front and rear fenders, a phone or navi holder, Bluetooth compatibility, a bike seat and seat post, an alarm, a start and stop button, motor blocking, a keychain, and a GPS tracker.

The warranty period for the following components of the Delfast bicycle is twenty four (24) months or 30 000 km mileage, whichever comes first:

  • Battery Pack*
  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Display
  • Battery charger
  • GPS tracker
  • Front fork
  • Rear shock
  • Electrical components
  • Electronic components
  • Mirrors
  • Stem
  • Handlebar
  • Saddle
  • Seatpost

*Like any rechargeable battery, the rechargeable battery pack will experience a decrease in capacity over time as it is subjected to charge and discharge cycles. Delfast warranties that your battery pack will maintain 70% or higher capacity for at least 500 charge cycles or two years, whichever comes first. The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of an improper charger, water damage, improper maintenance, or such other misuse or normal wear.

  1. This warranty covers only the bikes that have been registered on the following web-site: was purchased directly from the Company or an authorized reseller of the Company (Jolta is an authorized reseller of Delfast’s offering) .
  2. This warranty only covers defective materials and manufacturing defects. Paint fading caused by the effects of ultraviolet light (UV), wear and tear on tires, tubes, rims, spokes, brake pads, cables, chain, wheels, grips and damage from power surges, water damage, improper maintenance, or such other misuse or normal wear are not covered by this warranty.

The warranty becomes effective from the date of the delivery and expires at the end of the applicable warranty period.


  1. Warranty does not cover defective product as a result of any circumstances not involved in the manufacturing or faulty parts.
  2. Warranty does not cover shipping damage, damage from power surges, use of an improper charger, water damage, improper maintenance, abuse, neglect, other misuse or normal wear.
  3. This warranty is void in case of non-observance of Delfast Operating Instructions (which are provided with the sale or posted on the Company’s web-site), and any amendments thereto. In particular, neglect of technical condition check, maintenance from an unauthorized dealer/distributor, irregular maintenance and selection of consumables/parts not approved by the Company, refusal to replace parts or perform necessary services voids the Companies warranty.
  4. This warranty is void if the electric bicycle is used for other than normal activities. This warranty does not apply to rental or commercial use of the product, stunt riding or competitive events or training for such activities or events.
  5. This warranty exclusively covers systems and components provided by the Company. It is strictly prohibited to make any alterations, modifications, attempts of reparation, and use the spare parts from unknown sources, for example, self-made replacement parts or parts from third parties. The Buyer is not eligible for the warranty in case the aforementioned has occurred.



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Delfast Inc. – a smart transportation company with the Guinness World Record for the longest range for an electric bike on a single charge – 236 miles. Delfast e-bike is a transport of the future: easy-to-use and simple in servicing, powerful and eco-friendly vehicle for city use. Developed by a team of professional designers and engineers, Delfast e-bikes offer state-of-the-art technology unlike anything else on the market.
Model Name
Delfast TOP 3.0 Electric Bike
Top Speed
55 mph
200 miles
QS 205 V3, IP54 protection, main power 3000W (peak power might reach to 6000W). Torque: 182N.m
72V 48Ah LG 3200mAh cells Lithium battery with bluetooth smart BMS for 100A
Braking System
200F-180R with 203 mm disks (2pcs) Tektro HD-E525 brake (with brake levers ,wires,brake caliper)
Max Load
298 lbs
Frame Material
High-strength tubular steel spatial frame
154 lbs
Smart Technology
GPS-tracker (without sim card) / Bluetooth / Remote launch
front +rear Tires 19x2,75 80/100-19"" (motorcycle tires)