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Qualisports’ Volador is a powerful, reliable, and comfy electric bike. It features a strong yet quiet 350W brushless geared motor and a removable 36V 7.0Ah lithium battery. Travel up to 30 miles on a single charge and rest easy knowing its high-strength aluminum frame was built to last. This bike can support up to 242.5 pounds and offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

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The VOLADOR’s frame and fork is composed of grade 6061 aluminum.  Its design is sleek, elegant, and strong, and easily folds down for efficient storage and portability.


The distinctive look of the VOLADOR is thanks to its battery placement. Strategically located within the bike’s seat-post, it seamlessly integrates design and functionality.


The bike’s customized 350W high-speed brushless geared motor isn’t just smooth and more efficient — it also provides enough pulling power to let you conquer an 18° incline.

Multifunctional LED Display

Shimano Gears

Pedal Assist System


Model Name
Qualisports Volador Electric Bike
Top Speed
20 mph
30 Miles
350W Rear Drive Hub
Samsung 36V 7Ah
Braking System
F/R 160mm discs
Max Load
220 Lbs
Frame Material
6061 Al-Alloy
36 Lbs
20 Inch Fat Tires
90% assembled


11 reviews for Qualisports Volador Electric Bike

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  1. love this bike! its portable and fold able, light enough to pick up and load into the car. Runs smoothly and at speed 1 it goes fast. I tried in on a flat leveled road and top speed I got was 19 mph and 10 miles on one charge. I can slow it down to 10 mph and get close to 15 miles without any pedaling. Very impressed with it. I have another electric mountain bike which only gives me 10 mph and 6 miles to the charge. Bike bike supersedes my mountain bike in performance, power and distance. Its easy to get on and off with the low bar. The battery can be taken out and another battery placed in to increase your distance even more if you carry an extra set. Battery takes me 3 hours to charge so far. It rides like a moped or scooter, you get a different feel because of the smaller wheels.
    Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a smaller electric bike with a punch.

  2. This bike is going to surprise many people especially with it one chain and a hidden Battery people will be shocked in the street to see a E-Bike Like this

  3. I bought this bike to commute to places within a 1-4 mile radius. Since owning the Volador I’ve been extremely satisfied with the performance. In both pedal assist and throttle mode, I enjoy that the bike is easy to ride and a perfect size for a commuter e-bike. When you get the bike make sure to inspect bike for potential damage from shipping also pump up the tires before you ride for the first time… have fun

  4. After several months with this bike, I could scarcely be happier. Sure, I’d love it to be a bit lighter, but for the price, I am THRILLED. I use it mostly for that last mile commute in NYC- getting the mile from the subway to home or destination. And it’s perfect- i dont even need to fold it for the subway, I can carry it through a turnstyle. It’s actually easier to carry up or down stairs as a full bike then folded. I can’t speak to mileage, since ive never used it for a long commute, or tried to go till the battery was empty. But I’ve taken 5 trips of about 1.5 miles at full throttle (Im about 210lbs, plus clothes, backpack etc), hills and all, and it does great and the lowest it’s ever gotten to was 2 out of 5 bars. It folds up compactly so if space is an issue, this wont take up much. In a NYC apt, that means alot. My biggest complaint was the seat- it’s narrow, not well padded and without any gap in the middle as most modern seats have to take pressure off your perineal nerve. It started to get pretty painful- so I bought a new seat on Amazon for $20! That’s been great. So, if they would just include a good seat, this bike would be perfect.
    Ive gotten tons of comments and questions about while riding, it’s popular round these parts. I recommend it.

  5. First of all, I’m lazy and live in the city. But the subway and buses are overcrowded and took forever to get to where I want to go. So I decided to get an electric bike for the last miles. I needed it to be lightweight and easy to carry. So I got this Volador electric bike for my birthday. First thing first, it is FOLDABLE and easy to lift with its unique grip design. There are 7-speed levels and I prefer the second gear. It is able to go up to 19 mph with its 350W motor. The front and rear breaks are sensitive and can stop fairly quickly. A front headlight and rear reflector light are also included for riding at dark. I’m more 6′ feet and 215lbs, this bike might be somewhat small for me but totally sturdy and acceptable for moving around the city.

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