MotoTec Vulcan Electric Scooter




Suitable for riders aged 13 and up, MotoTec’s Vulcan is new to the brand and comes with all kinds of cool bells and whistles. You’ll love its 1600W, 48V motor, which delivers plenty of torque and performs well on all kinds of terrain. Its ergonomic shape and metal deck optimize comfort, while its front and rear suspension and fat tires help smooth out your ride.

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Comfort Meets Cool

The Vulcan isn’t just a great performer and stylish head-turner—it keeps you riding easy throughout your adventure even on the most rugged terrain. It’s equipped with a plush, padded leather seat for max comfort while its top-of-the-line front and rear suspension smooth out your ride.

A Convenient Companion

Perfect for commutes to work or school, the Vulcan folds up for easy storage in tight spaces and effortless portability. In fact, it’s the only scooter of its kind that’s both foldable and capable of handling off-road terrain. It has a range of 20 miles, so you can get wherever you need to go on a single charge.

A Wow-Worthy Motor

The Vulcan’s 1600W brushless motor packs in plenty of torque and power. Use it to climb uphill easily or tackle off-road trails without missing a beat. Its top speed stuns at 31 mph, so you can really race. What’s more, its motor is connected to the rear wheel, offering even more torque whenever you need it.

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MotoTec is based out of Plover, Wisconsin and has been crafting top-quality electric scooters since 2009. They offer a diverse selection of products, including models for commuting, high-speed adventures, on-road use, off-road use, stylish cruising, and three-wheel scooters for extra stability.

Popular MotoTec models include the European designed MotoTec MAD; a high-powered, off-road powerhouse. It’s little brother, the MiniMAD that’s great for commuters. The stylish FatBoy cruiser. Street trikes for drifting. A series of three-wheeled electric scooters for active seniors and anyone that wants a third wheel for balance. MotoTec also manufacturers a leading line of hoverboards.

MotoTec has a reputation for designing quality built, affordable, feature-rich electric scooters. They stand by their work by offering lifetime tech support on every model.


Model Name
MotoTec Vulcan Electric Scooter
Top Speed
31 mph
10 - 30 miles
1600W 48V (Brushless)
Four 12v/12Ah Lead-Acid (48v Total)
Charge Time
4-6 hrs
Braking System
Front and Rear Disc
Max Load
310 Lbs
Frame Material
High-tensile steel
143 Lbs
145/70-6 (Qinda)