MotoTec GT Electric Pocket Bike

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Built for young teens aged 13 and older, MotoTec’s 36V 500W Electric Pocket Bike offers endless hours of adventure. Its fast, powerful, and capable of racing up to 20 mph, but scaled down for young riders and built with lots of great safety features. Small and sturdy, these bikes allow riders to get acquainted with controls, braking, and balance before trying larger models. MotoTec is currently one of the top pocket-bike producers, and this model beautifully showcases the brand’s expertise.

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A Sleek, Stylish Look

This pocket bike is a real head-turner, with sleek, streamlined curves that give it a futuristic look. Its chrome-black paint job is enhanced with blue flame decals, adding a bold touch of character. Standing at 23” tall and 18” at the seat, it’s a great option for younger riders.

Stay in Control

You’ll always be in control when riding this pocket bike, thanks to ultra-responsive, high-powered disc brakes fitted to both the front and rear wheels. Get used to them at low speeds, then work your way up to faster paces. Stopping distance is extremely short, which maximizes safety.

Easy Balance

Because this pocket bike is so low to the ground, 20 mph actually feels like 40. The bike’s low center of gravity makes balancing a simple task, even for young riders just staring out. Fold-down pegs also facilitate a smoother, steadier ride.

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3 reviews for MotoTec GT Electric Pocket Bike

  1. Haifa

    Son loves it had a blast still learning how to ride so I or a friend sits on it with him and he is 5

  2. Sweets6992

    My Grandson loves this bike!

  3. stageonefright

    It is way too small. It would be perfect for an oopa loompa at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

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MotoTec is based out of Plover, Wisconsin and has been crafting top-quality electric scooters since 2009. They offer a diverse selection of products, including models for commuting, high-speed adventures, on-road use, off-road use, stylish cruising, and three-wheel scooters for extra stability.

Popular MotoTec models include the European designed MotoTec MAD; a high-powered, off-road powerhouse. It’s little brother, the MiniMAD that’s great for commuters. The stylish FatBoy cruiser. Street trikes for drifting. A series of three-wheeled electric scooters for active seniors and anyone that wants a third wheel for balance. MotoTec also manufacturers a leading line of hoverboards.

MotoTec has a reputation for designing quality built, affordable, feature-rich electric scooters. They stand by their work by offering lifetime tech support on every model.


Model Name
MotoTec GT Electric Pocket Bike
Top Speed
36 Volt 500 Watt
THREE 12v (36v total)
Charge Time
4-6 hours
Braking System
1 disc front, 1 disc rear
Max Load
170 Lbs
Frame Material
Rigid Steel
87 Lbs
90/65-6.5 Pneumatic (11 inch)