MotoTec Gazella Electric Dirt Bike

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Suitable for ages 13 and up, the Gazella Electric Dirt Bike by MotoTec is an excellent option both teens and adults will love. Powered by a 24V 500W motor, it comes equipped with great front and rear suspension, front and rear brakes, big, knobby tires and speeds that parents can pre-select. It’s easy to get the hang of, too—your kids will be cruising around the backyard and coasting along dirt trails in no time.

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Fun for Teens & Adults

MotoTec’s Dirt-500 model is perfect for young riders. it’s been scaled down to be accessible for kids aged 13 and up. Riders can choose between three speeds: 5, 10, and 16 mph. Parents can pre-select these speeds and set them with a key lock as an added safety measure. The dirt bike also features a chain-driven motor with a twist-grip throttle control. First-time rider? No problem. The Dirt-500 is super easy to learn.

Choose Between 3 Speeds

The Dirt-500’s 24V 500W motor can switch between three speeds: 5, 10, and 16 mph. Each can be selected ahead of riding and set with a key lock. You can also engage the throttle through a variable twist-grip.

Convenient Design

The Dirt-500 looks like a true dirt bike but has all kinds of comfort-boosting customization features, like adjustable handlebars, key-lock security, and a key-lock operated ride mode that lets you choose between three speeds. Its solid steel frame is sturdy and built to support a lot of weight while handling rougher riding styles.

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5 reviews for MotoTec Gazella Electric Dirt Bike

  1. MrHarleyRyder

    for those that are not mechanically inclined, this “Turnkey” ready to ride mini bike is an excellent value!

  2. Happyhappyhappy

    My son is 7 years old and he loves the dirt bike. I also have a 12 year old who is utilizing the bike but it’s a little too small for him. So my advice would be to take your child to the store to see if the bike will work for them. Otherwise, we love it!!!!!

  3. Kris

    When the dirt bike arrived, I was very impressed with the quality and durability of the bike. It’s definitely not a toy. This bike is legit and my son is beyond excited about it. I would definitely recommend. I love that it’s electric.

  4. Karl

    My 7 year old girl loves motorcycles! I have been trying to get her to ride the Honda XR50r we have, but it scares her. This little electric bike is the perfect size and it’s quite! She is addicted to it now! The only thing is she’s not done when the battery is. LOL

  5. HappyMom

    We got it for our 10 year old (mature) son, he started assembling it by himself and finished with minimal help. All went smooth, the only trouble was a loose el. contact, that he found and fixed with a tape. He enjoys his rides. We have a happy kid.

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MotoTec is based out of Plover, Wisconsin and has been crafting top-quality electric scooters since 2009. They offer a diverse selection of products, including models for commuting, high-speed adventures, on-road use, off-road use, stylish cruising, and three-wheel scooters for extra stability.

Popular MotoTec models include the European designed MotoTec MAD; a high-powered, off-road powerhouse. It’s little brother, the MiniMAD that’s great for commuters. The stylish FatBoy cruiser. Street trikes for drifting. A series of three-wheeled electric scooters for active seniors and anyone that wants a third wheel for balance. MotoTec also manufacturers a leading line of hoverboards.

MotoTec has a reputation for designing quality built, affordable, feature-rich electric scooters. They stand by their work by offering lifetime tech support on every model.


Model Name
MotoTec Gazella Electric Dirt Bike
Top Speed
16 mph
14 miles
Mototec 24V 500W motor
TWO 12v 12ah (24v total)
Charge Time
4-6 hours
Braking System
Front and rear disc
Max Load
150 Lbs
Frame Material
66 Lbs
2.5x10 Knobby Pneumatic