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Commuters and adventure-seekers, look no further than Gotrax’s EBE2. It features all the things you know and love about the brand’s EBE series, but with a bigger motor and a more rugged mountain-bike frame.

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Redesigned for Urban Adventures

The EBE2 sports a mountain-bike frame, a much bigger motor, and a bigger battery to offer even more power, speed, and range than its counterparts from the EBE series.

Front Suspension

This e-bike offers great front suspension, maximizing your control when you’re coasting downhill and when you’re braking.

Pedal Assist

Want a little boost? Engage the EBE2’s pedal-assist technology to ride faster and easier. You can choose between five speed settings. You’ll also enjoy up to 50 miles per charge when using this feature.

Digital Display

Safety In Mind

Urban Design


Model Name
Gotrax EBE2 Electric Bike
Top Speed
20 MPH
50 Miles
350 W
36V 10.4aH Lithium
Charge Time
6-7 hours
Braking System
Disc /Pads/Caliper
Max Load
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy
66 lbs
Smart Technology
Digital Display
26in rubber
70% assembled
Gotrax EBE2 Electric Bike User Manual

5 reviews for Gotrax EBE2 Electric Bike

  1. Overall great. Quick with enough power and battery. Decent bike electric aside.
    Better instructions would be my only ask. Maybe a larger chainring

  2. For the price you cannot beat the quality, functionality and range this Ebike has to offer. Been riding my bike on a daily basis and it continues to perform flawlessly. Customer service is the best anywhere as well, had a small issue and the problem was rectified immediately.
    Cannot say enough good things about this bike or the company, my 3rd ebike and this one is far superior to the previous 2 by a long shot.
    Give one a try they are a blast to ride and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

  3. This is a great bike. It does everything as advertised. My front brakes drag a tiny bit so had to be adjusted. The manual sucks. No instructions for the computer or bike operation with and without motor. Just a brief mention of the buttons which isn’t enough. It took me several emails just to get the computer programming guide. Powerful bike, built well. Geared very low for maximum 25 mph, while peddling. At 6’2″ 235 pounds, the motor alone pulls me at 20 mph on flat surfaces with no peddling, 18 mph up gentle inclines, 15 mph up hills (with a little assistance), 22 mph maximum downhill under power. I really love this e-bike! If only the documentation was anywhere near as good as the bike itself!

  4. I received the bike very well pack with no damages. Assembly was painless. I have a long commute about 30 miles and i was able to complete with 34% of battery left. Overall nice bicycle pretty comfortable for small to medium rider. My friend that is 5’11 look definitely too big for the bike. Very happy so i really feel i got my moneys worth and so fun to ride.

  5. Now over six months of riding the GO TRAX 16 INCH MOUNTAIN BIKE. No problems what so ever. For the money and what’s out their this is a great beginner bike or experience E-bike rider. Not one issue with this E-bike.

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