Elby S2 9-Speed Electric Bike

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Meet the redesigned classic! The S2 is based on the original S1 step-through design with some thoughtful modifications. With a smaller, more reliable EMtech hub motor, a new 1.5″ EMtech LCD control module, and new vibrant color options, the S2 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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PAS & Throttle

Go far, easily. The Elby S2 and its 9-Speed gear transmission system, the PAS and Only Throttle Mode will allow any riders to have a mode for every situation.
From pedaling with your Elby like a regular mechanical bike to using it in Turbo Mode, there can be any type of terrain, hill climb, and commute, the Elby S2 will adapt to you and your needs.

Smart Design

The integrated battery, which is created by Elby, under their full name ElbyMobility (EM),  provides enhanced stability with lower center of gravity thanks to its rare position in the bike industry. Very low in the bike, it offers a step through frame for easy mount and dismount and a better gravity center.

Quality Tires

The premium, puncture resistant 26″ Cruise contact tires are  equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for safe and precise stopping. The big tires will help you to go faster and further with every peddling movement. So it is normal to pair them with hydraulic disc brakes for safe and precise stopping.


Model Name
Elby S2 9-Speed Electric Bike
Top Speed
28 mph
80 miles
500W EMtech compact hub motor
48v EMtech battery
Charge Time
5 hours
Braking System
Hydraulic disc brakes
Frame Material
Custom engineered hydroformed aluminum frame
Smart Technology
Elby Connected App & 1.5" Bluetooth equipped EMtech control module which displays battery life, speed, and assist level
Premium, puncture resistant 26" Cruise contact


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