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You’ll love the Uscooter GT Sport powered by E-twow which has the highest torque for a scooter of its weight. It comes equipped with a 700W motor. Hit top speeds of 28 mph and enjoy a 27-mile range on a single charge. Patented airless tires and the front and rear suspension ensure a flawless, buttery ride and require zero maintenance, saving you time and money. And you can easily track all the stats of your ride—from battery life to distance covered—on the scooter’s bright LCD screen. The GT Sport electric scooter also comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, giving you the ability to lock your scooter, and a unique regenerative braking system that simultaneously charges the battery when you apply the front magnetic brakes. And that’s not all—it features three forms of braking, including a rear drum brake and rear fender friction in addition to its front magnetic brake.

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Conquer Any Road

The GT Sport is light and easy to maneuver, enabling you to reach a top speed of 28 mph. It features the highest torque for a scooter in its weight class, helping you climb hills easily. And its improved battery delivers a great range that will suffice for most of your daily travels. The new display and new controller will help provide more control and torque on the scooter to help with speed and hill climbing.


Though it’s small and light, the GT Sport delivers on stability. Its durable rubber non-slip grip keeps your footing secure, maximizes safety, and can easily be cleaned.
Talking about stability, the GT Sport also features a kickstand.

Airless Tires

This scooter’s 8 inches tall airless tires will save you time and money, as they won’t go flat and don’t need to be replaced as often as their inflatable counterparts. They can also carry a heavier load and handle more rugged terrain.


Model Name
Uscooters GT Sport Electric Scooter
Top Speed
28 mph
31 Miles
Li-ion Samsung Cells 48V 10.5AH
Charge Time
3 - 4 hours
Braking System
Rear drum & regenerative braking /front magnetic brake
Max Load
275 Lbs
Frame Material
High-resistance 6061 T6 polished aluminium
28.6 lbs
Smart Technology
Bluetooth® wireless technology & LCD screen
8 inch non-maintenance pneumatic


7 reviews for Uscooters GT Sport Electric Scooter

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  1. Loving my gt se. Great communication from the minute I ordered the scooter, and it was received right on time well packed. Have put on maybe 10 miles so far, and very impressed with the speed and power. The suspension does a nice job, and I’m getting used to the sound of the solid wheels vs. air. Very happy with the purchase so far, and recommend ewheels! Thanks, Mark

  2. The E-TWOW GT SE is everything I had hoped it would be. Light enough to carry around, yet goes just about as fast as I’d even want to ride a scooter on the city streets! I’ve gotten about 16mi range riding around at full speed and with elevation, so that’s about as promised as well. I’d read online that the solid wheels make for a slightly more rattle-y ride over somewhat rough terrain, but that the dual shocks make going over real bumps a lot smoother than pneumatic tires with no shocks—in the week I’ve been riding the scooter, I’ve found that to be 100% true. I don’t might the light rattles of rough ground, and I’ve gone over some gnarly sewer grates, expansion joints, and other road-holes and the ‘turbulence’ is pretty smooth. The brakes are very sensitive and took a day of getting use to, but work really well. Even just using the electronic brake (1/3 of them), a half-second or so while cruising at full speed is enough to slow the scooter to a speed where I’d feel comfortable jumping off and bailing—that and the mechanical brake (let alone the stomp) are more than enough. Honestly, riding the scooter around feels a lot safer than I had expected—the only danger I really feel is if I were to go over a proper pothole, or other people hitting me.

  3. This scooter is quick and lightweight. I’m way over the rated weight limit and it STILL performs. It does have a ‘hair throttle’ in that it wants to accelerate just at the touch. I’ve become accustomed to it and now it’s fine. I found if you rest your thumb on the housing and the throttle you can better control that initial jump. Also, you can lean into the scooter while pressing on the throttle. All in all, it’s a great scooter.

  4. it’s EXTREMELY light, especially when you consider it can go damn near 25mph and has battery life comparable to the Horizon. Finally charged it at 20% battery after 19 miles, and I’m about 215-220lbs with my work stuff on.

    -Electric brake is VERY responsive, if not a litle oversensitive. Brake gradually. Don’t slam on this thing if you don’t wanna get thrown off the scooter like you’re on a mechanical bull! The mechanical handbrake is a great extra feature, but so far I don’t think I’ll really use it except in an emergency. Trying to get in the habit of leaning back when I brake. I suck at that and it’s led to a few falls in the past based on my own stupidity.

    -Solid tires means you feel bumps a bit more, but not as much as you may think thanks to the surprisingly effective suspension system. Considering how crappy some Brooklyn streets can be, it’s still a relatively smooth ride as long as you avoid the serious craters in the road.

  5. The e-twow GT SE is a great little scooter. The small wheels give off a predictable choppy ride but this scooter feels solid down to its core. The suspension handles large bumps very well. Top speed for me is 22.5 mph and your choice of three different brake systems is very impressive. I bought this model to be able to tackle hills without crawling – this scooter accomplishes that with ease.

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