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Designed using top-grade materials, Chartior electric scooter prioritizes stability, portability, comfort, and convenience. This one is built with front and rear disc brakes to give you max control throughout your ride, plus LED lights that keep you visible at night. Its dual suspension and integrated shock absorbers enable a buttery ride whether you’re zipping over city streets or bumpy trails. And the scooter’s powerful 1000W motor is a huge bonus considering the affordable price point.

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Dual Suspension

The Chartior C10 features integrated shock absorbers in the scooter’s front steering column, as well as rear twin hydraulic suspension system that’s as sleek as it is effective.

A Powerful 1000W Motor

One of the best things about this e-scooter is its powerful 1000W motor—an amazing element, for the price. It’ll get you up steep hills and over rough, uneven trails smoothly and easily.

City Roads and Beyond

Whether you’re hitting the city or setting out on an off-road trail, you’ll love this scooter’s 10” pneumatic tires. They’ll offer the grip you need while front and rear disc brakes keep you safe, secure, and in control while you’re riding.

Front And Rear Disc Brakes

LCD Display

Compact and Foldable


Model Name
Chartior C10 Electric Scooter
Top Speed
29 Mph
15 or 32 miles (depending on battery)
Two Options: 48V 10AH or 48V 18.2AH
Charge Time
5 hours
Braking System
F/R Discs
Max Load
265 Lbs
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy 6061
52 Lbs
Smart Technology
10” pneumatic tires

17 reviews for Chartior C10 Electric Scooter

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  1. I have this scooter for 6 months already I believe that at the moment this is the best scooter in the market, so powerful so stable, I don’t feel the road when I ride it , excellent scooter .

  2. The best electro scooter , I use it every day all day long for 12 months , never had any problem it’s excellent excellent excellent

  3. I really like this scooter. I did a bunch of research before buying it because I wanted to be able to commute to work (about 2 miles) and also use it fo get nearby groceries. This model came on top for the things that I was looking for: 1. The wheels are slightly bigger which means I don’t have to worry about some holes in the road that would trip smaller size wheels. 2. The top speed that gives me, around 26 km/h is actually comfortable to ride without feeling in danger 3. It climbs the slopes of draw bridges on my commute 4. The battery last a long time between charges 5. I don’t get flat tires since I don’t have to inflate them The only thing I didn’t like so far was the companion app which is buggy and doesn’t record my trips correctly. However, I was able to find an alternative app called Megan scooter savings tracker that actually allows me to record every trip and calculates how much of my investment I have recovered so far which is pretty cool! This is a great scooter in general, comfortable, fast, and with great ratio of miles per charge.

  4. Best scooter for the price. It was fully charged on arrival and was ready to go out of the box. It is well built, durable, and reliable. Not only does it have super long range on a single charge, it goes super fast, so use helmet :). Smooth ride and braking feels safe and efficient. The Mobile app will connect with the scooter to check power reading and is very helpful. It also folds up for easier storage and to carry it around. It’s super fun to ride to local markets, parks, and gym.

  5. What a beautiful, sleek design this scooter has. No cables hanging out to get snagged on something. Rides great. No experience with other scooters, but it seems to handle bumps well. Electric brakes work great at first, but then let up a little. I ran into a situation on a downhill going into traffic and it let up at the last minute. Nearly got me into trouble. Lucky the manual brake works well, too. The first day I commuted to work on this scooter it rained on the way home. It did fine. I commute around 3mi a day. Went to work and back 3 days without changing. Still had 42% battery power. Love this scooter. Expensive, but worth the money.

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