Hurley M700 Electric Bike

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This Hurley M700 Electric Bike is the perfect urban commuter, with its amazingly sleek lines, modern look and road bike capacities. It is equipped with all necessary features to ride day and night, in your urban jungle, with class, fun and safety.

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Striking Design

This modern look comes with a single speed drivetrain, providing this clean light look and low maintenance. It has a little “Fixie” soul and we love it for that.


The tech included in this ride is amazing, simple and essential. No crazy fuss, just what you need to have a well functioning bike, keep control of your stats and your bike.


The 350W brushless motor of the Hurley M700 Electric Bike offers just enough power to arrive to your destination without a drop of sweat and to avoid becoming just a full throttle scooter. It keeps its road bike identity and let you enjoy speed and ease.


Model Name
Hurley M700 Electric Bike
Top Speed
20 mph
30 miles
350W Brushless
36V 10Ah
Braking System
Alloy caliper
Max Load
265 Lbs
Frame Material
44 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
85% Assembled

10 reviews for Hurley M700 Electric Bike

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  1. Opened the box and bike was in perfect condition. Simple build and in about 20 minutes with tools included, charged the battery, pumped the tires up and off my initial ride, it is a blast. Neat feature is the throttle and as stated the speed hits 20 mph no problem. Can’t believe the value at under $1,000 I got everything I wanted. Also noted: comfortable saddle & riding position! Going to purchase another Hurley for my wife.

  2. Really nice. It looks like a nicer non-electric bike, I absolutely love the minimalist look. It rides smoothly and the motor kicks in swiftly. An undercover E-bike if you will. so much more quality than I expected. This bike is built for style, and comfort and will last. This is my perfect commuter

  3. I bought this bike to commute to work with as no longer want to use the underground. I waited till I rode it a few times before leaving feedback. I found it simple to assemble, bear in mind I am an engineer thou. It looks great, rides well, very happy with my purchase.

  4. I’ve owned this bike for about 5 months now. I’m impressed. Im 6 ft 1 and weigh 233 lbs, fits me fine. Goes up to 20 mph in pedal assist and in full throttle. Battery has not failed me yet. Actually I ride it to and from my job which is 13 miles, up a few hills. It has enough pep and power to climb. And like I said, I have never killed the battery in any trip. I use it mostly in pedal assist with the occasional throttle only. Very good buy. I see the price is going up.

  5. Love this bicycle worth every penny. rides very nice.

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