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Designed for everyday user by commuters, the Hyper GOGO is a foldable electric scooter that’ll get you where you need to go comfortably and safely. It features 8.5-inch solid rubber, all-terrain tires that offer maximum grip and are resistant to wear. The scooter as nimble as it is versatile, reaching a top speed of 17.4 mph and giving you a range of 12.4 miles per charge. It’s practical, efficient, reliable, and just the right ride for going to work, running errands, or just zipping around your neighborhood

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Bright Headlights

Take advantage of high-brightness front lighting that illuminates up to six meters ahead of you, and red taillights that flash when you’re braking to alert whoever’s behind you.


Track Your Ride

Your speed, driving mode, and battery level are all displayed on the scooter’s LCD screen.

Dual Braking System

The Hyper GOGO features a sensitive and efficient front and rear braking system. Additionally, its ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system offers max comfort and safety while you’re riding, including a high-response braking distance of over 13 feet.

Portable Folding Design

Solid Tires

Aviation Aluminum Alloy Frame


Model Name
Hyper Gogo Electric Folding Scooter
Top Speed
17.4 mph
12.4 Miles
36V 7.5Ah Lithium-ion
Charge Time
4-5 Hours
Braking System
Dual braking
Max Load
220 Lbs
26.5 Lbs
Smart Technology
LCD Display
8.5" solid rubber


4 reviews for Hyper Gogo Electric Folding Scooter

  1. Alex

    Received today, came in perfect condition. Fast assembly screw in the handles and attach the brake lever. Came with 80% charge. Rode 5 miles, goes 16 mph on sport mode with 205lb person. Everything worked perfect out of the box. Brakes are great headlight and taillight are bright. Can barely hear the motor. Rode around 5 miles on eco and only used 1 bar of battery. KMH can be changed to MPH by pushing the button 3 times. Instructions say not lo lever charger plugged in over night so I may put it on a timer to extend battery life. Glad I picked this scooter.

  2. Am**

    The product seems pretty good, but lacks instructions for the electronics. The speed is in kilometers and looks like there is mph indicator, but again no instructions on how to change the settings. Appears to be Bluetooth function with no instructions. One button has to control all of the controls which makes it a bit of a pain. The speed and agility is great and the appearance is sleek. The light works well.

  3. Jocelyn

    This is a good scooter. It’s the only one I’ve ever owned. Not sure how to change kph to mph seems like there should be an app. If there’s any info I’d really like to know. Either way I’m literally waiting for my second Hyper Gogo scooter from the same vendor. For my BFF. At first he though he’d look lame. So he got a hoverboard. He’s the lame one who kept busting his butt. As I’m riding circles around him just saying . This scooter is fast I can ride from Arlington to Harvard (boston) round trip no problem. Luckily there’s a bike lane and I keep up with no problem. That’s a win for me.

  4. Da**

    If your looking for a scooter, this as good as one twice as expensive. Excellent, most importantly better than expected. Worth every penny!

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